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Feeling The Burnout

It’s that feeling again. It’s a new school year, you spent the time to make your curriculum list, being sure everyone had lots of books and every subject was painstakingly covered. You brought your school supplies to begin, let’s see…pencils, markers, glue, paper, notebooks. But you feel yourself lagging. You’re anxious about starting…today, tomorrow? Feeling short tempered, you snapped at the kids today. You sadly retreat to your hiding spot, away from the kids, your husband. Door locked. What did I get myself into? Could this be homeschool burnout?

If you ever felt like this, in any way, or similar, if you ever wanted to send your kids to or back-to-school, you have officially experienced the dreaded homeschool burnout. Yes, homeschool burnout is a REAL thing. As homeschoolers, we ALL go through it at one point, but it doesn’t have to be the end of us. In this article, we will discuss what homeschool burnout is, its causes and how to prevent homeschool burnout.


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