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Homeschooling can be expensive when you opt for big popular textbooks. We showed How to Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum, but what if you are REALLY low in money? Today, we are going to learn How To Homeschool Practically Free.

Maybe you have more than two kids or four, maybe seven. How can everyone learn without costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars and ALL your time? We also shared some awesome tips in Homeschool Late Start.

These new tips are sure to get you started on your journey, even if you have been homeschooling for a while, these tips are sure to help you conserve and save money!

The first thing you want to do, is get subscribed to a homeschool website like this one. This is where you can get free information to help you and homeschool inspiration and resources to encourage you in your homeschool journey.

Another benefit of being subscribed to a site like this is free printables and downloads, and an assortment of free homeschool resources and curriculum listings. to things you want, and don’t have time hunt down, like schedules, unit study planners, ideas, etc.

How To Homeschool Practically Free Solution #1

Use your Library!

Anything you need can be found at your local library no matter where you live. Whether online or in person, a library is an homeschool parents’ best friend.

Make sure you have active library cards, because then you can login online to your library and access their many resources: printables, books, posters, printouts, etc.

Libraries in your area will have services for adults and children. They are full of listing where you can find homeschool resources, and free sites.

Most libraries are still offering WIFI, even if they are still closed from the pandemic.  I found this on a local Library site.

Libraries are full of resources found in a textbook, but better! There is no textbook information that can’t be found in your library.

You can try a search for your library here and see what they have to offer.

How To Homeschool Practically Free Solution #2

Use online resources.

I use YouTube as one of my video resources. Places like this will contain educators who have a passion to educate, and provide math helps, as well as read aloud books.

There has been times when I was so sick, I could not read to my girls. Thankfully, I have found some good read aloud channels, that share that love.

Here’s a few:

Miss Sofie’s Story Time – Kids Books Read Aloud

Storytime with Tristan

Did you know!?

Pureflix caters to homeschools.

Pureflix caters to homeschool, in how to homeschool practically free on

They have a whole list of resources under their “homeschool tab.”

They cover topics under subjects like:

  • Science
  • History
  • Biographies

And so much more. They will even send you weekly emails telling you this weeks line up for each subject. Be sure to check them out and subscribe.

I do NOT recommend Netflix, nor support their entity. However, if you feel that it is a place you can use to get educational resources, I suggest looking else where. A healthy place, that is also safe for child searching.

We are in the business of raising healthy, educated children. There are so many other places to get resources from.

With that being said, a quick online search under “free homeschool resources” will find you so many things. As parents, our number one job is to research. This is why a site like this, that does a lot of these things are so important, they do a LOT of the research for you.

I have a full list of resources on my “homeschool Resources” post, that we add to every week.

Free Resources for HOMESCHOOL

Constantly updated with tons of resources from ALL Over! If you have additional resources or if you encounter a broken link, please email us directly! Helpful Popular Articles: Let’s plan some field trips outside! Always call ahead to check rules and for new covid policies, and hours. Many places are not opened due to covid.…

Keep reading

How To Homeschool Practically Free Solution #3

Unit studies

I talked about unit studies a whole lot, and mentioned how you can have success doing this in notebooking.

Unit studies save money and time, yet, you can make them as creative as you want. They also allow you to introduce your children to books and subjects they might not otherwise get in a textbook.

Textbooks briefly discuss subjects. What if your child fell in love with Biology? In a unit study, you are able to expound upon that concept as long as you want, while covering the other major subjects.

Journaling and notebooking pages come in handy during these times, yet a simple notebook can suffice for older kids.

See our free downloads section. Keep your eyes out for some more free printables, as we like to add new ones every month!

Unit studies requires the uses of solutions #1 and 2.

A really good unit study gives your kids access to things they can both see and touch. Find out more about this here.

Projects and activities added to a unit study can make them FUN! It’s the best part for our homeschool.

Of course, with all your notebooking and journaling, you will need a place to pre-print your pages, if you use printables.

There is the option to only use notebooks to save money, as they do not cost as much. But if you love using pages like I do, I have listed a few good printing places below that can mass print as little or as many pages as you would like.

The Homeschool Printing Company

Family Nest Printing

If you use places like these, keep your printables safely stored, so that they do not get messed up. When they are completed, use a three-ring binder to show off work.

Binders can be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Amazon.

The Dollar Tree | how to homeschool practically free

You can also opt for  ink-subscription from Cannon, HP, or other ink services.

I hope these tips have helped you to see that homeschooling just does not have to be expensive. You can spend less and invest in those subjects your kids love the most.

For my homeschool, that is language arts and crafting.

We can spend quite a bit at the Dollar Tree crafting areas.

We hope this homeschool article has inspired you.


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