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This journal was created so your kids can enjoy Bible study time with God, and study along with you, or siblings.

With this journal, kids go “beyond reading!”

This is an awesome way for kids and teens to document their Bible journey, and they can create a beautiful book to look back on, and see how far they’ve come.

With this book, you can print color, or black and white, known as “monochrome” on many printers for pdf files. For a long lasting book, use stock paper, or any standard printing paper works just fine!

Back Story:

We always have Bible study with our girls, but to teach them how to study effectively and relate their teachings to their own personal lives, I needed to find a good inexpensive way to teach them, that’s also fun. I have different learners, and some learn by drawing. With these pages, they can draw or write in the boxes, and learn to memorize scripture by copywork, more of a classical learning approach that involves copying words and sentences as is, and doing it again. This ingrains scripture into memory, and works for adults too! Your kids will have fun learning in every way possible.

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