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No Family Should Ever Feel Overwhelmed while Homeschooling!

Now more than EVER!

Homeschool is the number one choice for parents, who are tired of the school systems indoctrinating their children and being unapologetic about it. We have what you need to get started and offer you a PSP or Private Satellite School Program, see it here.

“People are being robbed. The school is robbing parents. It’s robbing them blind. They don’t even know it. “I think that parents are waking up to the fact that children are being indoctrinated away from them and away from their beliefs. And now that parents are waking up to that they’re saying, ‘I cannot abide that.’ That’s the bridge too far for them. You’ll hear people say, ‘well, it’s just indoctrination.’ Well, so is homeschooling because everything you teach your children you are putting in a doctrine, your doctrine. Parents are realizing, wait – their doctrine isn’t just slightly different than mine. It’s actually counter my doctrine, it’s against my doctrine. It wants to tear my doctrine to shreds. It was a long journey. It took over a decade for me to finally realize, but my message to parents is: ‘you are enough… I could fail at homeschooling and we’d still end up ahead of the game. We’d still be better off.”

Sam Sorbo, wife of Kevin Sorbo

Some parents are thrown into homeschooling for various reasons, they are termed “Accidental Homeschoolers.” They can be those who suddenly found themselves in a need to homeschool, when they never expected to be doing it. They include families whose children have experienced bullying, difficulty with school personnel, medical issues, and a variety of other unanticipated situations, like the current world-wide pandemic, that doesn’t seem to be leaving.

Most of these parents do not have time to plan or research homeschool options for their kids, thus we come in!

Explore our homeschool articles, tutorials, homeschool resources, and videos, all aimed to help you in your homeschooling journey. We also offer homeschool mentor and consultation services.

Homeschool 101
Every Child of every AGE, of EVERY background!

The Randomnestfamily homeschool journey:

We have been homeschooling for nine years now, and we know how it can be when you first start out.

“Am I capable or qualified for this?” “Where do I start?” “What do I need to teach?” ” Where can I find support?” “How does this work?” “Is this NORMAL?”

So many questions, and not many people to answer them!

I was over-homeschooling. For a long time, I thought homeschooling only had to be one way.

That’s not so!

Our first year went so well, we were so happy, but soon, we started to feel burned out.

We found it a struggle to homeschool, prepare dinner, do any kind of home-making and work, let alone take care of ourselves.

We hated being a slave to curriculum, and feeling as if we’d failed because we didn’t get through an entire book.

After that year, we were determined to find new ways, and we have!

Now, we enjoy new ways to work and teach, taking away the slave to school mentality and allow our kids to fall in love with education, not “schooling.”

We are not experts, but here at, we come alongside you as an experienced friend and homeschooler, to share with you all what we have learned: our ups and downs, and to share the tools we’ve created to help you become more CONFIDENT, RELAXED, and KNOWLEDGEABLE, about everything homeschool.

This is why we started our homeschool 101 series, and decided to offer parents a place to simply homeschool their kids.

Know “How” and “Where” To Start:

Homeschool 101 Tutorials


In this video, I take you around my classroom, come hang out with me, I can’t wait to show you around!

Visit our updated Classroom tour Here!


This video is ALL about homeschool. So if you want to homeschool, need to homeschool, or just want more education on homeschool, look no further!

Tutorials have knowledge on:

  • How to homeschool effectively without burnout
  • How to save money on homeschooling
  • How to create your own homeschool curriculum that will even out teach any public school teacher.
  • Encouragement to help you along and special discounts!
  • How to join and how the HSDLA works
  • Different homeschool options
  • Different Educational approaches
  • Time management
  • Visit the Homeschool Menu for more!


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No Family Should Ever Feel Overwhelmed while Homeschooling!

We are offering homeschool 101 tutorials to help moms and dads, even grandparents who take on the homeschool teacher role.

We believe in today’s society, homeschooling is the only way to go if you want to keep your children safe mentally, physically, and emotionally.

We want to help any way we can.

Homeschooling is a learning process for the entire family.

Don’t let homeschooling your kids intimidate you.

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Homeschool Articles


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Created Resources from our Homeschool to YOURS!

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New to homeschooling? No worries, let us help and guide you in educating your children.


To Help them focus

Homeschool 101_Sisters helping each other.


Getting the lessons done with time management and planning. Teaching your kids to help and teach each other!


So they can be creative, and not just settle into one boring routine.

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California Homeschool Academy PSP

David V.

Help when needed As a father that now has to work at home, I came across this page on Face Book when I found a devotion. Thank God, the help has been amazing. There is a lot of hard work that goes into those tutorials, thank you. The Star Membership was just what I needed for my homeschool support needs. We don’t know anyone … Read More Frankie M. From C.A. -Client and Homeschool Member

Frankie M. From C.A. -Client and Homeschool Member

Timely and needed. I was so happy to come across this website. I was looking for something to get inspiration from. I am a mom who has been homeschooling for three years, and I felt so burnt out. But this team pulled me together, and its at the BEST time. I am happy to join a team that cares so much about me and … Read More Janet from P.A -Client/Free Membership

Janet from P.A -Client/Free Membership

Excellent homeschool service, very organized. Very friendly people, paid for an hour consultation, well worth my time. They covered everything and helped me find services in my area to help me, made me a homeschool teacher planner upon special request. Great, I’m good for the year! I was asked to review my service.

Luke Warner of AZ -Client/Homeschool Member

Excellent Service First I just want to thank Tasha and Ryan for their excellent consultation. I’ve had one from someone else before, but left feeling as if I gained minor details. They were very detailed ordinated, and made sure to answer every question I gave them. I am happy to write this testimonial for you all, and a proud Star Member!

McKayln Page -Client and Homeschool Member

I have had several special requests for worksheets, and my planning needs, Tasha was so sweet. She sent me an email asking my color scheme and feel, three days later, I received a wonderful email with my worksheets and new planner inserts. I use her planning inserts in a homemade book, to keep me organized. My 16yr old also uses these same printables, and … Read More Mona Ramenza -Client/Homeschool Member

Mona Ramenza -Client/Homeschool Member

We were looking for some help when our son didn’t get into the charter school he was promised. We had to immediately file a PSA, and the Moore family were happy to help. They helped and worked with us, even when we didn’t have much to pay for their awesome services. The best part is Christ-centered hospitality, it made us feel good to not … Read More Philip W. and Family -Client and Free Member

Philip W. and Family -Client and Free Member

Love the freebies! I’m a mom of two kids, a 1st grader and a 6th grader. I love the printables, and I love the new homeschooler support. I thank you for the opportunity to write a review. I love how you guys are so relaxed and not over professional when we talk, like a good friendship! Thank you.

Rebecca -Client and Homeschool Member

Thank You!

Vera L.

Great Service! Tasha was so patient with me and answered all of my questions. It helped that they had a form to fill out before having a consultation. This allowed me to say what I needed and why, which made for a great experience. Thank you for your help!

Victoria and Fam -Client

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