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Homeschooling can get VERY expensive when it comes to buying curriculum.

If you are a new homeschooler, looking to buy curriculum for your student, you have probably found that books are pricey, and if you had to do this EVERY year, for EVERY grade, you would probably come to the conclusion, “I just can’t do this!”

If you tried to match your homeschool curriculum, to the “public school,” you would most likely find that they are boring and not every child learns this way.

This is one of the main reasons, why teachers have kids that are left behind, or not comprehending the material.

I have personally gone the “public school” route and the “perceived” Christian Curriculum route.

In fact, the thought of parents having to buy expensive textbooks, that they must teach from, is a turn off to most. Try buying those for every grade you teach, per student, it will run you at least $1000+-.

Let me show you what I am talking about:

A typical secular textbook like Houghton Mifflin Hardcourt ranges from $60 +.

This ONLY includes the textbook, not the teachers Manual, the student workbook, or the student practice book.

That’s where they get you. You were probably thinking, “That’s doable!” Until you saw everything you have to purchase to teach it and having to buy additionally per student. Not to mention the other grade level books you might need for your other kids.

It takes hours!

Teaching this way takes hours! No kid can sit for over an hour in math, language arts, science, etc. And it requires a tremendous amount of work on your part. That’s ONE SUBJECT. For that ONE STUDENT.

Christian textbooks are no different.

Take the popular Abeka or Sonlight, each textbook alone seems reasonable. Until you purchase everything required to teach it.

The entire system for these books can cost up to $300+, encompassing only 1 or 2 subjects. Imagine spending this much per child, EVERY year!

Even if you searched for these textbooks used, you still will not find all the items, and in good shape.

We stopped buying used textbooks two years ago. The quality was just not what they implied it would be. They would give us our money back, but it didn’t take away what we had to deal with: half already completed materials and missing pages!

So, what’s a homeschooling parent to do? Let’s jump into it!


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