This is to all Christian parents out there, who homeschool their children and are looking for some free curriculum options. This is why we should not use The Good and The Beautiful Curriculum in our homeschools.

It’s not Christian

This article isn’t for those who are who are LDS (or Mormons), it is written to Christians who are currently using The Good and the Beautiful or considering it and trying to understand the controversy. It’s for parents to share with other parents, when this comes up in debates, with why’s or why nots. So, lets jump right in!

The LDS church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not Christian. They do not believe how Christians believe. Therefore, their curriculum cannot be Christian. You cannot stay neutral when it comes to advertising and writing what is supposed to be a “Christian Curriculum.”

In fact, here is a small list of what they believe with links to their statement:

Mormon vs. Christian

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