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Who Is God? 

Have you ever asked this question out loud? If you are a Christian, you might feel apprehensive to do so, like you should already know who God is. Truth is, you must ask this question to know who you are and where you fit into God’s plan. Children must know how important they are to God and how much He loves them. This 8 Lesson Family bible Study will help you and your family discover how to know Who God Is and What You Need to Know About the Trinity.

You will get to explore who God is in a way your whole family can understand.

With Your Family in Mind!

This Bible study is brought to you by our Focus on Your Family: Family Bible Study and the full curriculum with assignments for lesson enrichment, is available for purchase, so you and your family can follow along offline or for home or classroom usage. This curriculum is perfect for the family wanting to know more about God, or a *Sunday school class to teach about God and reinforce with fun lessons. View the online study.

This study is PERFECT for bringing your family into the knowledge of what Easter is really about, Christ!

See an overview of our curriculum plans here.

Features of The Full Curriculum

The Red Note: are for parents and teachers and will enlighten you to deeper study if desired or important references you can use in the Bible Study.

Where applicable, the lessons are self-contained, meaning sections of scriptures are included for faster reference. Use any translation you like whether you are using this Bible online or the curriculum. The best Bible translations for understanding are used in this study.

The Full curriculum also includes bonus options for parents or teachers with high school students, to assign writing assignments from the lessons, which can earn high school credits (as determined by you, their teacher). A rubric will be included, and you can have your student cite their own sources, if they include additional references other than the Bible.

Options for deeper study and a full index is also included in the curriculum, get your offline study today!

Learn more by taking a look at the online study here.

*If you want to use this in a large classroom with over 10 students, please purchase a license by contacting us today!

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2 reviews for Who Is God? Family Bible Study Curriculum | Sunday school | Biblical studies

  1. Larry Shelder

    We truly appreciate this awesome resource and wished it never ended. I do love that there is resources for extra study in here. My kids begged me to repeat this, but we wanted to try another one too. Thanks, excellent buy.

  2. Fuller Family

    Just what I was looking for to teach my kids about who God is. I also was able to explain the Holy Spirit better using this curriculum. Our entire family benefited and really enjoyed this family Bible study.

    • RandomNestFamily

      We are so blessed to know that you and your family were blessed by our Family Bible Study.

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