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Everyone needs it, everyone wants it. The Bible study was made to be enjoyed with your family, however, slight alterations can be made for the classroom setting or your Sunday school classroom.
The message of peace is a resounding message that the world today craves to hear, however, we know that peace is only found in Christ. The 5 Steps to Peace family Bible study, is all about how to have peace in your family. If your house is full of chaos and you feel as if the spiritual peace is gone, it’s time to get “Peace” back into your home.
This is the full five-day lesson plan, that comes with the “5 Steps to Peace Family Bible Study Curriculum,” made for family enjoyment.

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The 5 Steps to Peace Family Bible Study Curriculum, also has free printables available for the lessons on peace in page!

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Phil 4:5 Color Page Preview | 5 Steps to Peace Family Bible Study CurriculumPhil 4:6 Color Page Preview | 5 Steps to Peace Family Bible Study Curriculum



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