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Having family Bible Study is fun, and these trivia cards make it even BETTER! Join us in more, click here.

The best weekend game ever…or midweek!

These trivia cards:

These trivia cardsare suitable for ages 6+, however, if your younger ones know their Bible knowledge, go for it! There are a total of 81 Cards!

This game is also suitable for Sunday school classes to sharpen skills and any children’s ministry.

Extras you can include:

  •  Choose a prize for winners; it can be tickets, tokens, stickers or a reward. Make it fun!


  1. Print the trivia sheets and cut out each square at the line.
  2. Mix all the trivia questions up and turn them face down creating a stack.
  3. Choose card dealer who will pick a card from the top and read the question.
  4. Decide who will go first according to age, height, clothes colors, or good old fashioned “inee, minee, miny, moe!”
  5. The person who answers the question correctly collects the card. The question is asked until everyone has had a chance to answer, if the other person answered incorrectly.
  6. The person with the most cards collected from the game, WINS!

Enjoy! Come see our other Bible Study Assignments, games, and fun!

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1 review for Bible Trivia Cards

  1. Martha H.

    My family has never much on the big competition thing. but these cards were so fun, my teens wanted to play almost every night for a week, just to try beating their father and I. We are still the reigning CHAMPS! Fun to use and makes Bible study fun and different. We love different ways to focus on the Bible! Our teens are now reading their bibles more to gain “knowledge,” in hopes of beating us. Thank you Randomnestfamily! Everything you make is awesome, and really family oriented. Your love, skill, time and talent are much appreciated in my family.

    • RandomNestFamily

      Thank you Martha, we are glad you and your family loved them. Thank you for supporting our ministry in buying our products. God bless you and your family!

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