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Focus On Your Family: Family Bible Study

Created by a real family with a love to study Gods Word together!

Focus on your family bible study at

Welcome parents to our family Bible study page. Created to inspire everyday families to have Bible Study together.

We believe Bible study should be fun when there are kids and teens involved, so we have catered Bible study with activities for all ages, with inspiration from many sources!

We offer other ways to get the most out of your Bible study! Family time and discussion topics included.

We know that family Bible study is different than being at church, or having your child in a Sunday school class. So the lessons in this curriculum are not catered to be taught in a class setting, but a more intimate family setting. No bells and whistles, just pure Bible study fun!

The difference is in the way each lesson is created, giving families the freedom to learn together, and not deal with structured “Sunday school” like lessons.

Yet, with a little tweaking, here and there, they can suit an entire Sunday school class. And awesome enough to add to your daily school curriculum, or homeschool curriculum.

Lives can get crazy, circumstances can arise that seem to push us away from Bible Study with our family.

So, in a time where our families can become neglected, as we deal with everyday life, we inspire you to plan time out with your family and fellowship in God’s Word.

Be encouraged and Bible Study with your family! There is nothing like it, and in today’s time and age, we need to focus on our families, and make sure to bring salvation into our homes.

See the ever growing topic list below!

Bible Study Topics:

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Challenge your family with Bible Trivia videos from our Family Movie Room!


Families need to know that God is sovereign, and he is mighty!

Coming Soon!

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Focus on your family bible study at

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