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Welcome parents and kids to our family Bible study page. Created to inspire everyday families to have Bible Study together.

We believe Bible study should be fun when there are kids and teens involved, so we have catered Bible study with activities for all ages, with inspiration from many sources!

  • Lessons
  • Lesson Videos
  • Free movies that bring in family time and discussions.

This idea was based off our Facebook Group, Kids Bible Study, we co-run with our pastors and we wanted to bring it to the world, using a family oriented curriculum.

We know that family Bible study is different than being at church, or having your child in a Sunday school class. So the lessons in this curriculum are not catered to be taught in a class setting, but a more intimate family setting. No bells and whistles, just pure Bible study fun!

Yet, with a little tweaking, here and there, they can suit an entire Sunday school class.

Lives can get crazy, circumstances can arise that seem to push us away from Bible Study with our family.

So, in a time where our families can become neglected, as we deal with everyday life, we inspire you to plan time out with your family and fellowship in God’s Word.

Be encouraged and Bible Study with your family! There is nothing like it, and in today’s time and age, we need to focus on our families, and make sure to bring salvation into our homes.

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Bible studies fit for busy families!

  • Parent Encouragements to help motivate you.
  • Video studies for you and your kids
  • Family Bible study assignment and downloads with the complete lesson plan for that lesson.
  • Awards and games.
  • Plus so much more!

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Bible Study Topics:

Parent Encouragement

Parents, sometimes it’s hard. We know, so these messages are aimed to inspire you.

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Family is very important, these messages inspire the entire family to come together.

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Kids will discover that peace is only found in God.


Kids need to know that God is sovereign, and he is mighty!


Teaching our children to be thankful is very important in a world where is almost doesn’t exist.

Family Movie Night

A movie option to inspire the whole family!

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