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California Homeschool Academy PSP was started when we decided to build an online place where parents can afford to just homeschool.

With over 11 years of experience, we are here to help you:

“We strive to serve and equip you, the primary educator, to confidently and successfully instruct your child as you take charge of your student’s education.”

Because we love family!

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Founded 2019

During consultations, many parents would tell us they needed guidance and a good head start. Some were unsure if homeschool is what they really wanted to do. They felt lost in all the information and nowhere to start.

 “What to teach and how?” “What curriculum do I use?” “How long should homeschool last?” “How do I keep records, I don’t have time?” “I need help with high school.” I just need inspiration!”  –and more, especially parents that needed to unschool.

Our Vision

The needs of a homeschool parent are always different and so are their reasons to start.

We are here to help you avoid some of the homeschool melt downs, burnouts, and failures.

We at California Homeschool Academy PSP, are happy to supply an easier solution that is helping, working for, and benefiting the homeschool journey; because every journey is diffrent.

Our Mission

We are strong believers that you DO NOT need to be intimidated by homeschool and homeschool doesn’t have to be hard.

Welcome to California Homeschool Academy PSP, we are happy to help you!

Because we love family.

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The PSP has helped me be able to teach my kids and get the support that I need. I wanted to write this review for other dads like me that have to choose to homeschool instead. There is help out there, people who are not trying to drain you for every penny. I just wanted […]

California Homeschool Academy PSP

I was so confused about homeschool! The pandemic was driving my family crazy, so we agreed that I would quit my job and homeschool our three boys. I did not know where to start and found this website that happened to have a private satellite school. We were delighted! I was given an excellent consultation […]

California Homeschool Academy PSP and Family Bible Study Member

I have had several special requests for worksheets, and my planning needs, Tasha was so sweet. She sent me an email asking my color scheme and feel, three days later, I received a wonderful email with my worksheets and new planner inserts. I use her planning inserts in a homemade book, to keep me organized. […]

California Homeschool Academy PSP Member

Great Service! Tasha was so patient with me and answered all of my questions. It helped that they had a form to fill out before having a consultation. This allowed me to say what I needed and why, which made for a great experience. Thank you for your help! Copyright And Secured. Randomnestfamily.  © 2022All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is […]


Let’s face it, homeschool is hard work. I have been at it for 3yrs when I felt like giving up. I needed inspiration. My first thought was to join a FB group, but I don’t like being on FB for personal reasons and Facebook shares to your friends what you post in a group. it […]

Duvet Family

The family bible study membership has been a God send to our family. Our teenager was not interested in Bible study, we felt we were losing him. But after doing a free family Bible study unit from this site, I knew we wanted more. Its not just a study and assignments, but it teaches you […]

Family Bible Study Member

Excellent Service First, I just want to thank my consultants for their excellent consultation. I’ve had one from someone else before, but left feeling as if I gained minor details. They were very detailed ordinated and made sure to answer every question I gave them. I am happy to write this testimonial for you all, […]

Homeschool Member

Help when needed. As a father that now has to work at home, I came across this page on Face Book when I found a devotion. Thank God, the help has been amazing. There is a lot of hard work that goes into those unit studies and articles, thank you. Homeschool Membership was just what […]

Homeschool Member

Love the freebies! I’m a mom of two kids, a 1st grader and a 6th grader. I love the printables, unit studies, and I love the homeschooling support. I thank you for the opportunity to write a review. I love how everything is so relaxed and not over professional during the consultation, like a good […]

Homeschool Member

Timely and needed. I was so happy to come across this website. I was looking for something to get inspiration from. I am a mom who has been homeschooling for three years, and I felt so burnt out. But this team pulled me together, and its at the BEST time. I am happy to join […]

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