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Curriculum and Reading Resources

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Resources for Homeschool 101 and 5 Arrow Homeschool Academy

We have learned that you can do anything with a few good books!

Here, we have listed Curriculum books and reading resources, for any grade, divided into subjects. Those listed below are also known parent favorites and some of our staff favorites.

Some of these books you might consider adding to your personal library, especially ones you feel don’t hold a grade level. Your kids can use them forever, or as long as they survive your library shelf life.

These books can be found on Amazon and You can click a links to purchase them there. For those without links, consider searching and shopping through our website links for Amazon and Doing so might gain us a little commission to support our ministry and school.

If for some reason a link does not work, please let us know in the comments below, so we can fix it.

If a book is suddenly unavailable, but you find another just as good, also let us know in the comments below. Or email us. This list is constantly being added to or updated as time goes on, as information is always changing.

For 5 Arrow Homeschool Academy Members, you can also refer to your handbook for the curriculum options.

Articles on curriculum

How To Plan a Literature-Based Unit Study

Literature-based unit studies are perfect for the family that enjoys books, especially the classics. And for good reason, they involve reading, researching and organizing! They are also good for when you don’t have enough money to purchase a full curriculum. Literature-based unit studies allow you to build up a homemade curriculum based off a book,…

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Recommended Curriculum

Look by subject

We do not endorse any curriculum, nor is this a complete listing. There are so many curriculum options out there!

Evaluate your choices and homeschool needs carefully. Some books are Christian Biblically based, and some are not. There are more curriculum and resource details listed in the Homeschool with Us Handbook for 5 Arrow Homeschool Academy. Those listed below are known parent favorites and some of our staff favorites.


Lifepac Curriculum

Goes up to the 12th grade and is a wonderful Christian curriculum.

Lifepac homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications is a student-paced homeschool program based around a set of Lifepac workbooks that include biblically-based lessons, high-interest exercises, reviews, and tests.

Since it is student paced, your only job is to help when needed and test.

Choose to buy an entire set, or only the subjects you need.


Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka homeschool curriculum is a thoroughly Christian, traditional program that emphasizes biblical character building through their rigorous preK-Grade 12 textbooks.

Boasting full grade kits and books in various subjects, Abeka is another awesom Christian Curriculum.

Curriculum Pdf downloads

Curriculum Pdf downloads

Sometimes you just need a good e-resource to get started and choose what you want out of it. This is especially useful if you have a slow-learner, or a child needed special education.

You print and give ONLY what needed at that time, limiting the Childs anxiety over large amounts of work.

If this is you, an e-curriculum is something to look into!

Looking for something else?

Check out all the different homeschool curriculums you might want to dive into.

Homeschool Curriculum Index

A Real Reminder:

You do not have to be a slave to curriculum, if it doesn’t work out, do not be afraid to change up. This is the beauty of homeschool.

We advise you to start small at first. Use a book here and there and see what you like. Or choose a great unit study to involve the entire class, using our free resources. This will also help you to see what your students are into, when you are able to create a free learning atmosphere.

The options are limitless. Just go for it.

If you find that you have a gifted child, and you desire to really challenge them, feel free to find the perfect set for them to dig in. You still can start small to see what they like and don’t like.

Every child or student is different.

There is never a one size fits all. So we recommend some of the best curriculums we have reviewed. However, there are always other options that teach the very same thing, without the fancy labels.

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