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All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum

This is our updated homeschool curriculum. If you viewed our article titled, “All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum,” you would know that we opted for one main curriculum last year, that would provide us with curriculum, for many years to come. We also opted to use some of my favorite supplements, from some of my favorite authors. Check out that article to see what we used last school year.

The Importance of a good curriculum

Education is very important. Especially to us homeschool parents. So, having the right curriculum, is of equal importance. If you have read our personal homeschool story, linked here, you would know that we do not like to be a “slave to curriculum.” With that in mind, last years curriculum was amazing, but there were some more things we would like to add and try!

So with our main, or base curriculum, these additions will simply be extracurricular activities. I will also be sharing my supplement for those times when we all just need a break, or mom and dad needs a break. In public school, they have “substitute” teachers. We do not have that liberty, and thus we usually take a family break, or use a supplement, if we need the kids to keep going.

Our All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum

We are not ones to spend a ton of money on “high class” teaching materials. All materials are the same, and some have fancy names. The same goes with curriculum. We are always looking for ways to cut cost and save money, as I stated in “How to Homeschool Practically Free.” So, you will be impressed with these options. If you have some of your own, or have questions, leave a comment below, or contact us here.

Here we go!

This year, I have decided to add Spanish into our homeschool curriculum again. A few years ago, I started my girls on Spanish, but they did not have a good interest, although they caught on fast. So, instead of wasting our time, I set it aside. This is the beauty of homeschool. We choose what we want our children to learn. If it doesn’t work out, move on!

How to plan a unit study thats literature based

But here we go again. My girls are now fully ready to learn Spanish. And the best part is, they requested it. I didn’t attempt to force in on them, because it was one of my favorite subjects all throughout high school. They simply wanted to learn something different and voted between sign language or Spanish.

I have always wanted to try the Rosetta Stone series, but was reluctant, due to the price. Now, Rosetta Stone even has a membership(s)!

I am not quite sold on Rosetta Stone as my base Spanish curriculum. I have decided to list some of my other favorites, that I discovered through research. I do want something simple, and something the girls can teach to each other, when I am unable too.

Here is my line up:

I choose the best prices in case you were interested, some of these are so fun, your whole family will love it too!


Spanish for Children, Primer A – DVD Set

La Clase Divertida (The Fun Class!) Level 1 Kit with DVD

Spanish Volumes 1 & 2 DVD

Spanish Elementary, By: Cynthia Downs (Our ultimate choice, because of its simplicity and ease for traveling. We don’t like to stay in one place to homeschool!)


This year, we have decided to incorporate music. My girls have always been interested in playing the piano. One year, we even investigated lessons. Then Covid hit. So, we are taking it to the basics with pitch, rhythm, dynamics and expressive markings, timbre, texture and of course music history.

My top choices were:

Teaching Music to Children, By: Blair Bielawski (This was my ultimate choice, because of its simplicity.)

There was even a Teaching Music to Students with Autism, Alice Hammel, Ryan M. Hourigan.

Teaching Music Through Composition: A Curriculum Using Technology, Barbara Freedman

Are you choosing to do music this year, if so, what resources are you using? Feel free to share to this online community. Let us know your thoughts below or email us!

Emergency Curriculum

Every parent should have one!

What is an emergency curriculum? An emergency curriculum is a backup, for when you don’t have time to sit with your kids or have fallen ill. This was talked about more in “Homeschool Late Start.” Check out that article, it has many helps on what to do, when you just can’t get back into it.

Homeschool 101 Basics

A good emergency curriculum should be one in which, your students can do on their own, without asking you for much help and many questions.

It should have a little bit of everything. So, this year, I chose the “FlashKids Complete Curriculum Workbook,” by Scholastics. They have one for grades k-6. I brought a book for my 2nd and 3rd graders and two for my two sixth graders as well!

This series is one of my favorites. And many homeschool parents have opted to use this as their single curriculum source, for homeschool. It really is comprehensive if you are looking for a small all-in-one. I do suggest expounding on some of the subjects, to be sure your student is getting everything they need. Just add in supplements as needed, like a fun geography or history. Try our “Lets Study The World! Continental Unit Study.” You can also check out our Free Homeschool Resources, for more ideas and free extracurriculars.

Moreover, this will suit the average homeschool family just fine. Thus, it shall become our back up curriculum.

Do you have any backups? Let us know your thoughts below or email us!

Trade Secret

Do not forget about those workbooks and printables, you used last year. Let’s say that you brought some cool stuff and didn’t get a chance to finish it or dive in. What if your student only made it through halfway a curriculum, and you want to finish it?  Well, why not.

You don’t need to buy more books and even a backup curriculum, if you already have books and curriculum from last year. Especially if it is not grade specific. Use what you have!

Last year, I did not buy any backup curriculum. My students had some workbooks left over from the previous year, so we used those when we needed too. Also, what ever subjects we did not have lying about, I had my students notebook. If you do not know about notebooking, please read our article, “Notebooking For The Summer.” In this article, I help you to see that having a textbook or a workbook for that matter, is not always necessary. Learning can be fun and simpler. Saving you tons on curriculum.

If you have any secrets you would like to share, let us know and this homeschool online community, down below. It’s people like you that are able to help others on this journey.

Last Note

Homeschooling is never to be complicated. If you ever feel as if you are overwhelmed or stressed, take a break. See these articles for extra help:

If you need help with your homeschool, or if you are new and have questions, contact us, or let us help you plan out your homeschool year for success! Visit us here. Let us take care of all your preliminaries, by joining our Private Satellite School. Who said you had to do this alone? Be notified on all things homeschool and parenting, by joining us here.

If you would like to do a search on any of these resources or search curriculums, feel free to scroll to the bottom of our Curriculum and Reading Resources page. There you will find two search boxes through our affiliates, and Amazon. Always compare the two for the best price. Also, returns are easier, if you even decide you do not want or need what you brought. Happens to us all!

We hope you enjoyed this homeschool 101 article. You can always find more and additional helps by visiting our Homeschool 101 page and looking through our Private Satellite School articles.


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