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Lets Study The World! Continental Unit Study

Lets Study The World Feature and unit study

It is finally here!

This unit study has been in the works for awhile. My students have recently just finished it and we used it for an entire semester! There was so much to explore around the world.

The “Lets Study The World! Continental Unit Study,” takes you and your students around the world, right where you are, and there is no need for additional resources unless you want them.


About this unit study:

This multilevel unit study is for grades 5-12 and covers a month or more of work.

This unit includes a free download of my unit planner, so you can plan this unit like a pro!

“Lets Study The World! Continental Unit Study” contains links to sites and resources that you or your student(s) can use to find materials to complete the study.

This unit study covers:

  • Social Studies
  • writing
  • research
  • spelling
  • and art

Students learn

  • Map making
  • Geography
  • Countries
  • Capitals of the World

Parents have access to a list of books for every continent, that can be purchased or checked out of your local library.

There a 15 brightly colored maps covering every continent physically and politically and their blank counterparts.

unit study preview

There is a list and links to “mom approved” videos on each continent.

There is also a list and links to “mom approved” research sites.

Kids learn to make playdough to create a topographical map for each continent.

The entire unit can be notebooked and we show you how to do it!


Optional Free math resource Featuring “Math On The Move.”

Grades 7+ Intro to Geometry section, lesson 17

5th graders + can focus on the “measurement systems” lesson 14

About “Math on The Move”

“Math on the Move” is a series of 24 primary and middle school math lessons. Designed to be used as stand-alone segments to address particular skill areas, each builds upon presumed knowledge taught in the prior lessons. Answers to “Try It” problems are at the end of each lesson and a separate pdf document is provided for the answers to the Practice Problems.

If you would love all 24 lessons leading from elementary to 8th grade, email us. To check out other FREE math resources we have, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, to access our free resources page, for homeschoolers.

These optional lessons are easy to do along side this unit study and can supply your homeschool with all the resources needed from this study.

This is very exciting!

This unit study can be turned into a major world study, just by adding in current events happening all over the world. This option is best suited for high school students as an add on. However, you can explore current event topics with your 5th graders and Jr High schoolers too!

Another option for high school students, is turning this into a huge midterm study, that once completed, will cover a huge chunk of their grades. Since this unit study covers various subjects and math, your high school homeschooler can work on this without much parental assistance.

For Fifth graders and Jr High schoolers, the majority of the work can be done unassisted, however, there is research involved. I encourage parents to be with their students when researching online.

The book options for this unit are amazing! If your students love listening to books, then I encourage you to try audiobooks, they are A-MAZING and our current best friends.

Audible Gift Memberships

Audio Premium Plus

You will get two free audio books! This plan is like the first one, just extra perks, like:

  • Get a monthly credit to buy any title in our entire premium selection, regardless of price—yours to keep.
    • 30% off all additional premium selection titles you want, plus access to exclusive sales.

All the resources from this unit has been thoroughly investigated and Mom-approved. I like to make sure that any site my kids visit, is safe. You and your student(s) will really enjoy this entire unit.

Unit study sample

Our homeschool actually used a notebooking approach to this unit. There were so many variations to this project, we really just had fun! Get your copy today!


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