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Now your students can enjoy both learning about world continents and learning about all the states in the United States of America in this bundle! 

This makes for a very fun, and extendable unit from one month or more, to two or even three months of unit study fun! And it will not be boring, so crack out your globes and prepare to explore the world and the United States at the same time!

This bundle includes the

“Let’s Study the World!” World Geography Unit Study

This unit has been extensively updated! The new cover and images show all the details. See all above. It also comes with the bonus math on the move.
Lets Study The World Feature @randomnestfamily.org





And the

United States Study: Lets Study the States

preview states study @randomnestfamily.org






The Younger grades:

My State and Me: United States Study

My State an me printable @randomnestfamily







Is also included, so you can be sure that this bundle is multilevel teaching!

This multilevel unit study is for grades 5-12 and covers way over a month or more of work. Younger students can concentrate on their states!

This unit includes a free download of our unit planner, so you can plan this unit like a pro and all the other parts listed above.

***Check out the product links above and see what comes with each item and see more previews. ***



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