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Geography Unit Study

Grab your passports and hop into this unit, it’s time to study the world! My students have recently just finished the Geography Unit Study and we used it for an entire semester. There was so much to explore around the world! The best thing about this unit study, is that all aspects of it can be notebooked or journaled, for all the notebookers out there!

Find out more about notebooking below.


This unit study is multilevel, meaning you can definitely cover more than one grade, like a really good unit study should. This geography unit study in particular covers grades 5-12, however, I managed to tweak a lot of it to fit my third and fourth graders as well. When it came to researching the continents themselves, I allowed my students to work in groups of two. One lower level with an upper level. my third grader worked with a seventh grader and my fourth grader also worked with a seventh grader, since I have two!

Geography World Study Image1

When it came to some of the assignments as featured in this image, I was able to tweak the ways in which my third grader completed them. I allowed her to draw pictures as answers instead of a lot of the writing. She had fun nonetheless and learned a ton along the way!


What I really enjoyed about this unit study, is the fact that it’s multilevel. Yes, that is the absolute best when doing a great unit study! I like to just get to the tasks of my homeschool day and having a lot of subjects to fill in the blanks is not my favorite. Thats why this unit was created to include Social Studies, Science, writing, research, spelling, and art.

my tweaks

The social studies aspect is of course learning about the different continents, researching and exploring the cultures. But there’s more! There was writing assignments, all in which my older students greatly enjoyed, and spelling. A full Spelling list with 86 spelling words come with this unit, with the definitions attached. I would give my students ten spelling words a week, and various spelling word practice assignments. One day they would write their words 5-10 times each, the next day they might look up the definitions, and the ones they could not find in their student dictionaries, I had them in the vocabulary list already defined. Tweaking this for my lower grades, I gave fewer spelling words, and a little more practice. You will be amazed at what your lower grades can accomplish! Everyone had the same spelling words and aced their Friday spelling tests.

Ocean Science

Here is where a majority of the science comes in, this unit actually explores the major oceans around every continent with basic ocean science. my students learned about different islands, ocean bodies, oceanic terminology, marine plant life, marine animal life, the ocean as a store house and more! You can also add more or less to these assignments, meaning that if your child loved something, you could add to this study.

A Self -Teaching Booklet: The Map Reader

There was also a self-teaching booklet inside this unit called The Map reader. Therefore, this was an integral piece as it allows for independent study. The booklet is designed to introduce students to much of the content they will be researching and studying. It also poses questions to them that they can answer using their globe and maps. The booklet is a self-teaching tool for those students who want to do the unit alone. If this is the case, make sure they pace themselves to not take on too much, by planning out their week in a planner. See more planning materials here!

Overview of This Unit Study

This unit study comes with the interactive planner and the Passport Template, both sold right here in our shop!

Here is a quick overview of this unit study:


  • 16 Brightly colored maps, and blanks.
  • Resources with videos, links, & books.
  • A self-teaching Book for solo students
  • Research assignments
  • Organized worksheets
  • Writing Rubric & Planner
  • Topographical map Project
  • Ocean Study
  • And of course, much more!
Geography World Study Image3

Really Cool Virtual Field trips!

Another cool element to this unit study is the ability that my students had to go on virtual field trips to the aquarium using the “Field Trip Companion.” In the science element, students can go to a real live aquarium to explore the oceans around the continents, or they can visit virtual ones listed in this unit. Believe me when I say this is really cool! These are all listed in the parent resource section and one of the sites is the Seattle Aquarium. My students had so much fun exploring the ocean and watching all the real and LIVE animals do their thing, as they filled out the Field Trip companion.


This unit comes with all kinds of resources to help your students complete the unit whether it be online or Using books like the World Atlas or Children’s Atlas Of God’s World, a personal favorite of mine. There are video lists with links to mom approved YouTube videos like this one of the seven continents of the world.


When purchasing this unit study from here, you also get a bonus, yet optional Free math resource Featuring “Math on The Move.”

Grades 7+ Intro to Geometry section, lesson 17

5th graders + can focus on the “measurement systems” lesson 14

About “Math on The Move”

“Math on the Move” is a series of 24 primary and middle school math lessons. Designed to be used as stand-alone segments to address particular skill areas, each build upon presumed knowledge taught in the prior lessons. Answers to “Try It” problems are at the end of each lesson and a separate pdf document is provided for the answers to the Practice Problems.

If you would love all 24 lessons leading from elementary to 8th grade, email us. To check out other FREE math resources we have, make sure you are subscribed to access our free resources page, for homeschoolers. These optional lessons are easy to do alongside this unit study.

in conclusion

This unit ticks so many of the boxes that I need in a good unit study without making it become overwhelming and boring. Nothing about this unit is complicated, in fact, I believe your students will enjoy it so much, that for a limited, new subscribers get 30% off. If you are a prior subscriber to the site, check your emails for your monthly freebie and discount!

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We hope you enjoyed this article review on the “Let’s Study the World!” World Geography Unit Study.

Tasha Homeschool 101 Editor and PSP Coordinator

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