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This 12 month Family bible Study Reading + Memory Verse Writing Plan, is perfect for the family wanting to dive into the Bible one day at a time, one scripture at a time.

For each day of the year, you will have one or two chapters from the Bible and your choice of one memory verse to read and write with your whole family each week.

Something new!

At the request of parents, this 12 month Bible Study has become interactive!

Now you can easily write notes and prayers right onto the pdf without printing.
Just click on the notes page and the entire page comes to life, for you to add whatever you want.
Comments are now allowed, so you can leave yourself reminders.
Create a master copy so you can have this Bible Study for every year and leave “fresh notes”!

Includes prayer and reflection pages you can print and make copies of for your whole family, to add to your own Bible binder, or book.

Along the way, enjoy encouragements and some study questions, to keep you going, as we inspire you to pray and reflect on the reading.

Tips: Set aside a specific time each day to do Bible Study on your own, with your family, or class. Read to learn, not to rush through. Always start and end with prayer.

Grab a few journals and get to copying your verses, but never give up. If you find that you are behind a few months or so, pick up where you are and keep going. Stay consistent with your family and support each other. This will be a year like no other!

Choose to do this Bible Study plan on line, using our interactive book, or choose to save this e-book on to your computer or phone. You can also print it and enjoy it laminated or sheet protected! Free! So dive in!

Lets Get Started!

If you ever need prayer or encouragement.

2 ways to view:

Tablet/Desktop Viewing

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12 month family Bible Study Plan

E-book/flip book Help:

Tips: If using a mobile, turn it on it’s side for a landscape view. The computer or tablet is always better! For more on functions click here.

Give Out These Awesome Awards

As you read along with us in your own or family Bible Study, Why not give out these from our store.

More for Parents and Kids!

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4 Comments on “12 Month Family Bible Study Reading Plan

  1. Thank you for bring my family closer with this. My adult kids also follow along with the Todays Devotions and the Live Inspired Messages as well.
    This ministry has brought us closer and our Bible study is no longer mechanical and boring. All six kids are interested now. Just wanted to share this. We love supporting this ministry any way we can.

  2. Thank you for this Bible Study plan. I love it because you have personalized it. It is encouraging as I read through each month. My family and I are challenged and that means mom and dad needs to get to Bussiness. We have five teens, so this will be new. But we have been following along with this site, and done some of the smaller Bible Studies together. Our teens are aware that we mean business. We are not homeschoolers, wish we were, but we can’t right now.
    However, we make them take Bible study just as seriously as that other stuff they have to learn. The awards you created are great! We brought our teens who have done the reading Amazon gift cards, to be earned at the end of each week. We are trying to be creative, this is new. But the future looks amazing walking by the Lord! Thank you Randomnestfamily.
    Love the,

    • Thank you Vivian, all glory be to God. Keep going and never give up! The world is fighting strong to take over the families, even the Christian families. We, as parents must fight even harder to keep our families together, and our children in Gods word.
      Homeschool is our love! If you wanted to do it, you could. You have teens, they can be self learners. Homeschool allows for them to learn at their own pace, incorporate the Bible, and do the things they have always wanted, including more family time.
      You can start at any time, just be invested. If you would like help getting started, visit
      Have a blessed day!
      Love Randomnestfamily

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