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Call your family together!

This 12-month Family bible Study Reading + Memory Verse Writing Plan, is perfect for the family wanting to dive into the Bible one day at a time, one scripture at a time.

For each day of the year, you will have one or two chapters from the Bible and your choice of one memory verse to read and write with your whole family each week.

Something new!

At the request of parents, this 12-month Bible Study has become interactive!

Now you can easily write notes and prayers right onto the pdf without printing.
Just click on the notes page and the entire page comes to life, for you to add whatever you want.
Comments are now allowed, so you can leave yourself reminders.
Create a master copy so you can have this Bible Study for every year and leave “fresh notes”!

Includes prayer and reflection pages you can print and make copies of for your whole family, to add to your own Bible binder, or book.

Along the way, enjoy encouragements and some study questions, to keep you going, as we inspire you to pray and reflect on the reading.

Tips: Set aside a specific time each day to do Bible Study on your own, with your family, or class. Read to learn, not to rush through. Always start and end with prayer.

Grab a few journals and get to copying your verses, but never give up. If you find that you are behind a few months or so, pick up where you are and keep going. Stay consistent with your family and support each other. This will be a year like no other!

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