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21 Days Of Devotions For 21 Days Of Praying and Fasting

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Fasting is an act done all around the world! A new year, or new season, brings Christians seeking God for guidance in praying and fasting. This devotional is a support tool to help you along the way!


Fasting: a time to truly seek God in prayer!

Get prepared to pray and fast with this awesome digital devotional, you can print or store to read on any of your devices!

Complied with 21 days of devotions, you will be inspired each day you seek after God in prayer and while fasting.

These are not just your typical devotions, but real life inspirations to help you deal with the realness of fasting and praying.

Each day starts with a scripture, a devotion, and ends with a prayer and a testify option. You are encouraged to journal your progress as you grow closer to God.

Also, enjoy these bonus features to get you on the right start:

 Learn what is Fasting?

How to prepare mentally and spiritually.

How to include your children and the entire family.

How to effectively end your fast without becoming sick.

Learn different ways you can fast and how to do it!

Þ The Daniel Diet

Þ The social media Fast

Þ Fasting from food

Þ Juice fasting

Þ Selective and Partial fasting

Þ The Soul fast

Þ and the 3-Day Fast,

You will feel supported and you won’t be dissapointed!


“This devotional was exactly what I needed to stay on task. When felt like giving up, I was inspired to keep going. I love the prayer of Self Deliverance; it really helped me defeat the enemy’s constant temptation. I would recommend this book to any serious Christian ready to fast and pray!” Carlos S.


2 reviews for 21 Days Of Devotions For 21 Days Of Praying and Fasting

  1. Denell (verified owner)

    This was a great e-book to follow along with. I downloaded it unto my phone, so that I can have acess to it right away. Sort of like a Kindle, so it can’t be printed, but I didn’t need that. I saved it on file for a later fast and praying section. There are many fasting and praying books out there, they are nice, but this one was more real. You go through the process not alone, but with a family. I also loved being able to testify if I wanted after each day.
    Highly recommend.
    I received online access via joining the mailing list. But once I realized I wanted to do a complete media fast, I made the donation to have it on download on my phone.

    • RandomNestFamily

      Thank you for your review Denell. We do appreciate your feedback, as it helps us to improve on all of our resources!
      May the Lord bless you.

  2. Crystal (verified owner)

    This book was absolutely amazing!
    I appreciated waking up early to see what was for today.
    I was inspired to keep going and when I ran out of food options when fasting, I checked out the dieting chapter to find ideas.
    There was a time I almost gave up. I did. But I was challenged to get back up and keep going. The prayer group kept me on my toes, because I knew someone was praying for me. I was able to send private prayer request in and I got back amazing prayers from Randomnestfamily, that really inspired me, encouraged me, I even cried.
    Can’t recommend enough.
    Worth the donation, and knowing I was able to bless someone somewhere.

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