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Behold A Mystery: The Beginning of the End, is the book of the year!

What if the worsening conditions of our society are leading up to the fulfillment of the final prophecies written in the Bible?

One event will trigger the beginning of the end, yet one mystery holds the key to unlocking the door of escape from all that will soon take place on the earth. In Behold a Mystery, The Beginning of the End, you will journey through the things that have been, the things that are happening now, and the events to come. There is hope, but there’s no time to waste! This book will help you understand why the end is closer than you think!

Everything that you need to know about the last days is in this book. Ryan Moore will explain the end times events, that are written in the Bible in a simple, yet very engaging way. Behold A Mystery will present patterns of events that will help make sense of the uncertain times that we live in.

Product Details:

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09Z8R8V1G

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Xulon Press 

Publication date ‏ : ‎ April 29, 2022

Language ‏: ‎ English



4 reviews for Behold A Mystery: The Beginning of the End

  1. TM

    Reviews from our Amazon Shop
    Definitely A mystery worth uncovering!

    I brought this book because more than ever we need to know about those things most pastors are afraid to talk about.
    I brought mine from Xulon Press, but wanted to leave a review here because it was just that good.
    This is what I will say, if you were wondering about the book of revelations, the end times, the anti-christ, the mysteries in the book of Daniel and how they all relate to what is currently going on in the world, this book is for you!
    Diving into what has occurred and what will, I’d say I feel like I watched an awesome action packed movie, nothing like the “Left Behind” movie series I saw back in the day!
    As to not spoil it for other readers (because I hate when others do that for a book I really want to read) I am going to leave it at this. But it is definitely worth the read and you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Denise

    Reviews from our Amazon Store
    This book is awesome, engaging, and very well researched and written.

    This book is awesome! It is a very detailed, well researched, very well written and an easy-to-read book. This book is well annotated with Biblical references and
    Bible verses. This book also has quotes from experts in the field of Biblical end times. These experts are Christian ministers and Christian authors who have studied and researched the end times for decades.
    This book will capture your attention starting from the first page! I was reading the book so fast, I had to slow down because I did not want it to end. I really enjoyed this book.
    This is an end times book, but also evangelistic tool. The author does not want anyone left behind after the rapture of the church/believers/followers of Christ, and he gives the readers multiple times to receive Jesus the Christ as their Savior. As you read the this very engaging book, you can see the author’s passion for soul winning/salvation. He also encourages those who are saved to live for Christ and live righteously before our God.
    In conclusion, I believe if you read this book, it will be one of the best books you have ever read. For some, it will definitely be life changing and for others encouragement for the hope that is within us.
    Buy the book!

  3. T. Thomas

    Reviews from our Amazon Store
    Don’t get left behind, read what’s about to come!
    I love the detail, the information and instructions provided for us about what’s to come. Living in the End Times is very difficult, Behold a Mystery provides comfort, relief, and understanding about the book of Revelation in the Bible. Thank God for Ryan using his gifts.

    (See images for this rating on Amazon.)

  4. Den

    This book was awesome to the very LAST page!

    • RandomNestFamily

      Thank you, Den, we are glad you have enjoyed it. Please share it with friends and family!

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