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This interactive planner is great for the homeschool parent or homemaker, on the go. It comes interactive and printable!

Upload to any computer or mobile device and write away. All you need is a pdf reader/writer app for your mobile devices.

Great News! Calendars have been updated to include 2024-2025!

To see this planner in motion, see the video.

This Interactive Planner comes with:

  • 2023, 2024 and 2025 calendars, supplying you for two more years!

Yet this planner, when used interactively, has a reset button so you can print what you want to save, and start fresh ANY year.

  • Notes pages
  • Blank Calendar
  • To Do List
  • Curriculum shopping list
  • Weekly planner
  • Goals list
  • Homeschool Planner
  • Hourly Planner
  • Field Trips Planner
  • Student Reading Log
  • Report Card
  • Multi-student Attendance Sheet

When used interactively, the planner has navigation buttons that can’t be printed, and a bookmarks page, to help you find things faster.

This planner can also be customized to suit your needs, do you want more blank calendars? More weekly planners for every month? Whatever the need, contact us here and leave a description of what you need.

Do MORE planning, and never lose your planner.

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Mom Version, Dad Version

3 reviews for Homeschool Interactive Planner

  1. Louise

    Brought this on a whim and thankful that I did! Best purchase ever. I went back to get it customized for more of what I needed and was not disappointed. You can’t beat having everything anytime you need it. I love being organized and am thankful this help me in my everyday life as well.

    • RandomNestFamily

      Thank you Louise, if you need anything else, feel free to let us know.

  2. Sheral Mcdonald

    One of the best I have found so far. No fluff, just what I needed. I actually printed mine but used the interactive attendance sheet and the report cards. I love this thing and will be purchasing again next year, although I can reuse mine, I love to support awesome and creative hard work.

  3. Debra

    I wanted to come back to leave a review after using this planner for a year.
    I love it! This is the best planner I have found online, and I have used many.
    I have been homeschooling for 15yrs and have not found a calendar like this before.
    Pros: Interactive! This is one of the best parts. I can use it on any device and have it update automatically using my pdf viewer and apps.

    The many different calendars are a pro, and did I mention that awesome attendance chart? The attendance chart is amazing! I can input one student and it does the rest for me on the 11 other months. Up to 4 students.

    Another pro is the customizations. I was able to contact customer service and have my calendar customized for me. I have 8 students, twins graduating this year. I got my attendance sheet and personal calendars customized to my liking.
    All-in-all, a very amazing planner, simple and yet complex because of everything you can do. I highly recommend this to any homeschool mom or teacher trying to plan for the next school year, or to get your life together.

    • RandomNestFamily

      Wow, thank you for this through review Debra! I love it too, and after having using this for years, finally made it so others homeschooling parents could enjoy it.

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