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Parents, I designed these to be used alongside the main “United States Study: Lets Study The States,” Printable download.

Preview States Study randomnestfamilyorg | Randomnestfamily

This download in itself is for younger kids, ages 4-7 and/or grades 1-2.

While my older kids were studying the states, I had to offer help sometimes and my little one was upset that she didn’t get a “special” printable.

So after giving her one, she as normal little kids would, became frustrated.

There was just too much and she wanted to fill in all the open spaces.

This printable allows younger kids to feel as if they are learning too, but at their levels.

They can work with older kids for the main content, then they can draw the state flag or anything they want about the state.

If they veer off track, its okay. This is a tool meant to help them learn, but also meant to keep them busy so you can teach effectively.

Print this and use it as many times as you would like!

1 review for My State and Me: United States Study

  1. Roberto M.

    This was so simple and allowed me to include my younger kids into our state study without all the hassle.

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