This video is ALL about homeschool. We wanted to help parents see that homeschool is easier than they think.

After an intriguing homeschool consultation last night, I realized that many people just want to know where to begin. They don’t want to watch long videos, they don’t want a lot of documentation.

They just want a beginning space. This video is just that.

I tried to keep it as short as possible, but I didn’t want to cheat my subscribers out of important information that we thought could really help. I ended up editing it from one hour to about thirty minutes.

However, to keep things to the point, depending on what you want to know, I have created private tutorials listed below.

These are my most asked about topics, that I explore with you in dept, and did extensive research on.

For every client, I make sure to have exactly what they want ready, so that when we meet for our consultation, no time is wasted, and parents feel satisfied.

If you have a question, visit my Homeschool 101 page here.

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Have you seen my classroom tour? Here is the link if you are interested, I can’t wait to show you around!

Legal Resource for homeschool families:

HSLDA is a legal entity that will REALLY fight for you, don’t go along without them!

We also have a homeschool series tutorial on this, and many more to come!

I hope you have enjoyed this homeschool blog. Thank you for visiting us today, God bless you!



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