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Today, I am showing you my very own homeschool curriculum for the year and all of my Supplementals. I have some excellent read-alouds to add, as well as true classics to reintroduce kids to simpler living.

No, not living in the 1800’s, this is no Little House On The Prairie, although I did enjoy those as a child. But to be relatable to today, I added some creative titles. I will reveal these in a later post, so as not to overwhelm the information.

Have you have ever wondered how you can teach all of your kids or students, no matter what the grade level? You have come to the right place, because this is what I plan to do.

You will also definitely enjoy my surprise buy, so let’s get started below!

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8 Comments on “All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum

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  7. This is so cool! Since I brought my books for the year, I will be incorporating this mid school year. I did not even know this was possible!
    Thank you, as if everything else you do wasn’t enough.

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