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If you have additional resources you would like to add, please email us directly! Are you in the Homeschool With Us program? You can also list resources in the private forum.

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Let’s plan some field trips outside!

Always call ahead to check rules and for new covid policies, and hours. Many places are not opened due to covid.

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Things To Help Educate Parents and Teach Kids

Resources that can be tweaked to your needs, helping you learn and strategize.

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Free Resources To Help Your Homeschool Grow and Plan

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Membership Resources For Discounts

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Other parent Resources

*Note: Some resources can cross over into the student resources. If any links appear broken, please email us, so we can remove any “dead” resources. Thank You!

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Student Resources

*Note: Parents are encouraged to always search the net with their kids, some sites and resources are not faith based and we do not endorse any site listed here. These are just resources for your homeschool, you can use and manipulate them to fit your family as you please.

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If you have a senior!

Get them ready for college with these courses offered at the HSLDA: SAT Prep Genius Course | HSLDA Online Academy

We will be including more free senior resources for seniors as the year goes on. Some will be available to the public and others you must login to get.

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