It’s that time of year again! Yes, the holiday season is upon us and for homeschoolers, this can seem like a great time to either take a break, go full force, or relax. In this article, we will discuss, How to Take a Homeschool Break for the Holidays.

What Is a Holiday?

Well, that depends on what your family considers a major holiday. Let’s look at the standard calendar holidays, that many families celebrate and some schools in the United States observe:

  • Rosh Hashanah Break (Jewish holiday)
  • Labor Day
  • Easter break (Which can also be during Spring Break)
  • Veterans Day
  • Christmas (Winter break)
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • New Years

The two major holidays (or holy*day) that most everyone observes whether they celebrate them or not, are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Big Question

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Many homeschool families will be entering their second half of schooling, also known as the second semester, when Thanksgiving and Christmas rolls around. The big question being asked, “Are homeschool parents allowing their children to be off for thanksgiving & Christmas like traditional schools?”

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