Bird Unit Study Notebooking Pages


The Study of Birds, has NEVER been more fun! Fun and easy to use.


**These pages are free to Star Members, and can be found in the Member’s Menu.

These notebooking Bird Unit Study pages were designed so that you and your students can select and study any bird.

They work awesome paired with library books, and online bird research.

But don’t stop there! There is a page created for you and your students to get outside and bird watch, hunt, or explore.

There is a set of pages created with a beautiful sky background, however, if you want to save ink, there are black and white pages you can use.

These can be mixed or matched to your likings.


*Printing Instructions:

There is a cover page and a set of student pages that open as a book.

You can have your students put the cover page in a folder or a page protector, and then you can print the necessary unit study pages back and front.

For best results, follow your printers instructions for back and front printing as each printer is different.

You can use any kind of notebooking style with these, especially a three ring binder.

Print on any standard printing paper, unless you are creating a keepsake, then use a nice stock paper.

See the picture for the full example.



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