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Homeschool 101 | Free Sample Unit Download

If you are looking for something new to add to your Bible Study homeschool curriculum, look here!

This month’s unit study will take you and your family on an adventure through the Gospel of Matthew. Every day you study as a family, you will be directed with helpful family discussion topics and assignments for not only your younger children, but teenagers too!  

The Gospel of Matthew was written for Jews, by a Jew, its design presents Jesus Christ as the King of The Jews, the long-awaited Messiah. Matthew’s genealogy, baptism, messages, and miracles, all point to Jesus Christ as King.

Christs death is turned into victory when He is Resurrected, echoing the message that the King of the Jews LIVES.  

This is what Matthew is all about, and it is worth diving into with your kids!

Not only that, there is no time like the present to teach your children the meaning of the Beatitudes.

A Refreshment, or something BETTER!

These assignments were especially crafted to be done anytime of day, allowing you to have Bible study with your entire family, not Sunday school at home. Some of the images were even created by our daughters, during art class! Here is a preview book below, click the picture!:

The Gospel of Matthew Unit Study also has individual pages you can purchase, for certain chapters if you desire to only do specific chapters. You can also purchase the entire unit, which offers the entire book, plus “The Plan,” which helps you spiritually direct your family into effective Bible studying. Tips are also given on assignments and assignment timing.

We know you will enjoy it, just as we have.

Pick up your free sample in the store for Matthew chapters 10-11, leave us a review if you love it!

We also have more Bible Study curriculum to add to your classroom, and much more are in the process of being created. You can’t beat the prices for these mini studies! See more below.

All of our Bible Unit Studies are free on the Family Bible Study Membership, offering you a years’ worth of curriculum and anything newly created, for a year!

Nothing Boring About It!

We know how some Bible unit studies and Bible curriculums, can have tons of instructions and things you have to say, word…for…word. That can get boring fast. I have lived through it!

Working for my Pastors in a Facebook group, I was inspired to create a family friendly curriculum, that parents can do anytime with their kids; without the whole Sunday school set up.

These lessons go along with our Focus on The Family: Family Bible Study section, that encourages families to come together and study. If you have not seen it, check it out today!

We will be creating tons more stuff along with our other unit studies we are working on, so get ready and stay updated!

Till next time, blessings!

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