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Book Reports are a great way to help your students review literature!

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These Book Report templates available for various grade levels, are the starting of what a good book reviewer does. These were made for our very own homeschool so that my students could get the most out of their reading, and not β€œjust” read. I wanted them to read for understanding and details. I wanted to know their takes on the books we read, lastly, I wanted to see how they liked the authors writing.

There is a template for chapter books, picture books and stand-alone single page stories. Lined β€œwrite your own book report paper, and lazy-day book reports. There is a book report template for anything you need. Simply keep this file stored away on your computer and print a small folder of templates for your students to grab when doing a book report or create a book review journal with your favorite templates.

Included in this set, is a complete writing template and rubric. Now you have all you need to help your upper students create real book reviews!

However you use these templates, my hope is that they will be a blessing to your homeschool as they have ours.

Pair these with our Reading awards pack to give your kids the best motivation!

Tasha Moore


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1 review for Book Report Templates | 7 Pack All Grades

  1. Kendra

    These were so helpful and I love the variety. Everything I invest in from this shop has really blessed our homeschool. Thank you. Our favorite one so far is the one created for facts, my researcher kids are loving it! Fast and prints beautifully.

    • RandomNestFamily

      Thats so funny because those are our students’ favorite ones too! The best thing is that you can use them for years.

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