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A Task!

Teaching the Declaration of Independence can be a task for any teacher!

For homeschool parents, we can especially have a hard time relating these events to all our students, especially when we teach multileveled grades.

If you are new here, one of the things we like to do in our school, is use unit studies. Basically, unit studies allow you to teach multilevel or various grades at once. However, the way you distribute the work is different.

Unit studies vary by grade levels, some are for grades 2-5, some 6-8, etc. You deficiently get the point!

When I create a unit study with my team, I like to include as many grades as I can, even if it takes me a little longer to create all the worksheets and tips to help the parents in my homeschool community.

Declarion of Ind_primary Preview

Declaration of Ind_secondary Preview

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is usually taught in the fifth grade. However, not every fifth grader gets to really dive in to all the events and really learn about history. Since the recent attacks on trying to changing our constitution, learning about the Declaration of Independence and all the events that led up to it, is so important.

America was built on the Christian faith, although many of the founders had a different point of view or denomination. That’s the beauty of America, they were still able to work together, realizing that freedom was more important than their individual or denominational fights.

In homeschool, using a unit study like this one, means you can really concentrate on these events and teach them to your entire class covering a large range of core subjects.

The Declaration of Independence: Road to Freedom Unit Study, also comes with my popular “interactive” unit study planners. Parents and teachers like these because it allows them to stay organized, planning out your unit without printing. They are amazing, and once you get a copy, you’ll see why.

  • Flower Unit Planner Cover Image

Background Information

This unit is NOT common core, why would it be? Common core is horrible, even if some of these line up with common core, we don’t use it in our homeschool. This is good old fashioned, stress free learning. If you wanted to place it under a common core standard, you are free to do so!

This unit was thoroughly planned out and took me a month to create for my own homeschool students, so you can trust that this is tried and tested on grades two -six. Yet this unit was built to teach grades 2 to eleven. You can possibly stretch it to your seniors as well, for a side study besides government.

Much research went into each topic. I realized, that as of now, year 2021, some of our history has been changed to meet the new guidelines of the falsified history curriculum of the 1619 Project.

Every event or topic was thoroughly checked and cross-referenced, by our team for verification. There are additional resources, including books and videos, that you and your students can use, as you study the Declaration of Independence.  These are all listed in the booklist and resource sections of the unit study.

The Specks

This listing is to help you see what subjects are covered for this unit, and what you will have to supplement.  

Next to each listed subject, is the assignment or lesson that falls within that category, so you won’t be confused. Some of your core subjects will crossover, as is expected of an unit study.

We have all sorts of free math books, assignments, and resources available through our Randomnestfamily PSP, called Homeschool With US.

This unit also includes a full Declaration of Independence poster and a Historical Figures in History booklet, by Randomnestfamily, so your student can look at various famous people that helped fight for freedom and played a role in the Declaration of Independence of 1776.

Also included is a FULL index with answers to worksheets and a Full dictionary of all the words listed on the spelling list.

Here is what you can expect from this awesome unit study:

Multileveled Subjects Covered in this unitAssignments
History & social studies looking at the year 1770 through the eyes of the people.
Analyzing images and exploring the life of various American founders. Looking at the events that led up to the Declaration of Independence. Discovering the Declaration of Independence,  as well as who wrote it, and voted for it.
Learn about 7 events that led up to the Declaration of Independence:
The Stamp Act
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Tea Party
The Intolerable Acts
1st Continental Congress
Lexington and Concord
2nd Continental Congress
Finally, The Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776
Choose from 4 writing Prompts ideas
Picture Analysis
Writing about Historical Figures
Primary resources
Record an Oration of the Declaration of Independence project
Act It Out project         
Language Arts Includes Reading, Writing, and Spelling (Vocabulary list with an index at the back of the unit.), With Dictionary work.
Copy work, writing prompts.
Historical Figures in Freedom Booklet reading
Reading comprehensions of the 7 events that led up to the Declaration of Independence. With questions & answers.
Spelling Words List
Cross word puzzles assignment
Word Shapes assignments
Word Scramble worksheet
Spelling Practice assignment
Definitions look up assignment
Copy Work: Copy the entire Declaration of Independence, by tracing. Choose from 4 writing Prompts ideas
Picture Analysis
Writing about Historical Figures
Primary resources
Read & Color Sheets:
The American Colonial Flag History and Color Sheet
The American Flag for All 50 States History and Color Sheet
Research Students learn to find information about different events and the people of the American Revolution.Writing about Historical Figures Primary resources
Choose from 4 writing Prompts ideas to write and research about.
Notebooking (interactive notebooking), which allows students to get creative.
Historical image analysis: students develop awareness of historical context, develop critical thinking skills, enhance their observation and interpretive skills, and develop conceptual learning techniques.
Primary Resources (A form of image analysis) Primary sources allow your students to be young historians and understand that history can be made up of multiple experiences and many points of views
Drawing Prompts: for lower grades or younger children.
Primary resources
Picture Analysis
Drawing prompts
Crafts & Projects:      
Record an Oration of the Declaration of Independence     
Act It Out             
Make a Stick Flag!             
Declare Your Independence Pebble!             
Make a rustic Declaration of Independence   
Read & Color Sheets:
The American Colonial Flag History and Color Sheet
The American Flag for All 50 States History and Color Sheet

This unit was so fun to make, my students absolutely enjoyed it, and it is guaranteed to last you a good quarter or so. This can be shorter or longer depending on how and when your homeschool or class, uses it.

I left valuable tips and resources for the parent and the teacher, including videos lists, book lists, and much more!

If you have any questions or would like to have something added on to your order, to teach in your unit study, please contact us here. Sometimes parents have asked to include another topic, we do not mind creating extras! If you have distance learners, or teach online and would like the worksheets to become interactive, so your students can fill them out online, also contact us here.

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