Homeschooling is not sitting at a monitor ALL day for 6 to 8hrs, trying to learn.

That’s not real homeschool, in fact it doesn’t even come close.

What the school districts have done in public school, is not homeschool, it is schooling at home. Meaning, they are “trying” to take that same classroom, school experience, and bring it into your house, online, keeping your kids on the monitor for hours.

Many parents have expressed that this does not work for their kids. Especially the younger kids. It is just way too much monitor time and not enough living!

I had to say this because so many parents feel as if this is what homeschool life is.

That is not homeschooling.

I decided to write this post for the new moms and dads out there who will be homeschooling, for REAL, and want a little advice. My husband and I did sit down a few months ago and made a very much requested YouTube video on how we homeschool.

So, this will be different.

First, I just want to get out there, DO NOT try to make school at home (public school). I know its so easy to go out and buy a classroom. If fact, many parents are already doing so. Do not spend what you don’t have too. Be normal.

This means, IF you find that sitting at the dining room table helps your kids concentrate, start there. Just organize materials. I also mentioned this in my classroom tour video. When we first started out, it was the dining room table. I tell you why we ended up doing classroom style in that video. Not because of the public school, but because of organization and mind set. Therefore, do what works for you. If you and your new student like it, do it. Just don’t overdo it!

What is homeschooling like? Well I can only tell you from our experience. If you want to know specific facts about homeschooling and see tutorials that we did on this, those are sold in our store for a small fee. I never set out to do that, but it was requested that we make tutorials, and so, we did. And they have blessed lots of families. Thank you!

Homeschooling has allowed us to grow in our family.

Because we homeschool, we are around each other most of the day. I have come to realize when my kids are tired, annoyed or angry. Even if they will not say, I am able to sympathize more with them, we have a very close relationship with them. They can talk freely to us (respectfully), and we can talk freely to them.

We have more time to pray together, and we love doing our family devotions twice a day. It has blessed us and grown our family spiritually. We don’t hold back when praying with our kids, we pray for everything and encourage them to pray and do the same. They get to add to our prayers, we teach them how to pray, explain why we pray.

Family devotion and prayer has always been a BIG part of our life.

They have learned to be apart of the family, and to have responsibilities. This is a big one. So many moms have asked me what to do with their kids after homeschooling.

We homeschool at the most 3 to 4 hrs. with breaks and lunch. So, what do we do after?

CHORES! Yes, the girls have laundry, dishes, and various other chores. However, they have learned to get a lot of these things done the night before, and after they awake in the morning. They have learned to “redeem” the time they have for fun things, like Barbie, and Legos. We also invite them into the kitchen to learn cooking skills, baking cookies, cakes, and pies. Making lunches and dinners.

We get out and explore nature, shop, or just experience life together. Our family is much closer because of homeschool.

Homeschooling has taught us patience.

No parent is born with patience. In fact, I had to learn patience in homeschooling, and line my expectations up with my reality.

I called on God tremendously during those beginning years. I asked for patience time and time again. There is ALWAYS an stubborn learner, and a tester in the house. ESPECIALLY if you homeschool more than one kid, with various grade levels, like we do.

My little stubborn learner!

But homeschooling has taught me patience where I didn’t have it before. I feel like now I can effectively work with many children and keep a smile. If I have an expectation, I line it up with reality. Can we really get through all this today? Maybe I need to shorten it, so no one goes insane, and I don’t lose my sanity.

Homeschool allows you to be flexible in that way, strengthening your patience with your kiddos!

Homeschooling has taught us to be resourceful.

First, before we buy, we search out the best deals for textbooks or workbooks. This is also one reason why I created those back-to-school printables, for my members. I wanted to help you organize your shopping and get things ready for school. They are free and found on our free downloads page here. There is nothing better than having a list of resources, where you can quickly find all your supplies. That’s why in our new homeschool forum, one of the first questions I wanted to pose to parents, “where are you getting your school supplies and curriculum from?” This will help many parents who might seem lost.

When you have time, research. That has been our thing since the beginning. We have a budget set every year, and I mentioned this more, in my blog post, “The Back-to-school Craze.

Looking for your resources and knowing what you need to teach will help you save money and budget, or else homeschooling can become unpleasant, and expensive. How many times have I told a mom to not buy that expensive textbook just because of the name? They all have the same information. That’s what I look for, what will my kids learn, and how does it compare. I build my own curriculum using various activities and workbooks. I will expound on that more in another blog. And I will also have a tutorial coming out on how to find resources, the resources available, and how to practically homeschool for free. That is nearly what we had done seven years ago, when we had no money for supplies. Be sure to be subscribed to us, so you don’t miss out on a blog post, and the freebies!

Homeschooling has taught us to reach out and help other parents.

(By the way parents, a side note, I found some interesting information on Bill SB98, see the forum.)

The main reason why I started our homeschool 101 page. Beginning the homeschool process is a lot of work and transitioning. Especially if you have no clue into what or where to start. I share a little bit of our story on my homeschool 101 page.

Basically, if you want answers now, and need support, you need to have that community. I started this page to help parents and to give them the resources they needed, so they could come to one place.

Watch a live homeschool consultation!

I had two babies, and a husband that worked long hours, and I needed my girls to start school. They had a desire to learn at such an young age, that I didn’t want to waste time. I didn’t have time to research, I didn’t have time to be resourceful. I needed someone to talk to, to glean from. I remembered all that, and tried to put as much of that here as possible, even starting the forum, so parents can come and help other parents with homeschool advice.

The desire to help parents just keeps evolving when you know what it is like. I had no friends that homeschooled, and my family thought I was crazy…at first! Now they know this momma don’t play when it comes to her kids education.

I started to create my own worksheets and small unit study printables, because I could not find what I was looking for elsewhere. I also needed it to be flexible. So, I create those also for my members. I’ve had a few special requests on small unit studies and worksheets. I don’t mind that at all. I love to help parents, and I love to show you that this homeschool journey is not hard. It’s all in your perception, and what you expect to get out of it.

Homeschooling has taught us to live, and it will teach you to do the same!

It doesn’t matter if you must physically go to work, or you work from home. Homeschooling can be done. It’s all about your curriculum. I believe I explained this in a tutorial that was requested by a mom in our homeschool community, but will be explained even more in my future blog post on different homeschool curriculums.

There’s just so many resources out there that can help any parent teach their kids. Yet, they are not always easy to find, and every parent does not have the time. That’s why we decided to do tutorials in the first place. Getting everything together that we learned over the last seven years to you!

You will be able to experience life with your kids, go out more, get to know each other, teach them life skills. We talked so much about this in our YouTube video, don’t forget to check that out.

My husband is getting together a blog post on being a homeschool dad, he is also making a video for it, because as you might know, we are Youtubers and thus, most of our life, we record.

He has some video documentation to explain being a working father and a homeschool teacher. He has worked an eight-hour job yet was able to work with me in homeschooling the girls. He teaches math and science, and he has done so since the beginning. So, he has lots of experience, and tons of knowledge for both moms and dads.

Usually when we have consultations, we invite both parents to talk with us, it’s a family experience. We also like to get a feel of  the kids, seeing what they are capable of, and the family’s expectations of homeschooling.

I believe once a parent has planned their expectations (vs. reality), found their resources, they are ready.

Homeschooling will be fun, easy and challenging, crazy, annoying, happy, awesome, and a learning experience for the entire family.

But most of all, it can be done, and you, my friend, can do it! I have faith in you!

May the peace of God be on you and your family, God bless you.

I hope you have enjoyed this homeschool article. Thank you for visiting us today, God bless you!



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