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PSP or PSA, what are they and which option is for me?

This article explores the difference between a PSP and a PSA, and which one is a great fit for you.

To start, a PSP is simply a Private School Satellite Program, and the PSA is the Private School Affidavit.

If you just need step-by-step instructions to filing your PSA, click here.

Let’s jump into the details, as each option is carefully crafted to fit the need of the family. You will see the differences between each and what it means as an option for you. I have also included my take on whether you will like it or not, based on experience.

What is a PSP and is it for me?

Private School Satellite Program is most referred to as PSP. I also call this an umbrella school (or cover) school because home education laws vary from state to state. 

PSPs are a private school which has filed an affidavit. When you sign up, you become a teacher within that school, and


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