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A Homeschool 101 Article

The problem

Help is on the way

Who can afford counseling?

The problem

As homeschooling parents, sometimes we can feel alone. Maybe your family or friends don’t understand why you are homeschooling, giving you a hard time. Maybe you came into this journey unsure, but knew you were doing the right thing.

You ARE!

For this reason, resources like this one, are hard to come by. That’s why today, I am taking the time to make sure my homeschooling community knows where and how they can ask for help. You are not alone! Research takes time, as does educating yourself and your children. Then there are also your daily activities.

As a homeschool mom, homemaker, and educator, I’ve often found it hard to do those “extra” things. So, parents, consider this resource a great help. We also hope you find all our Homeschool 101 resources helpful!

When parenting gets hard, it’s time to seek help!

Many parents feel embarrassed, asking for help, but when things seem to be out of your control, you might just want to have someone with experience help you.

This goes for anything that we must deal with, be it marriage or life. Isn’t that why we have that one good friend, who will steer us right, with Godly or positive advice? At least that’s what we all strive to have. A good counselor, especially Christian, is just like that friend.

Most recently, an online friend from a parenting community, was on the freeway when a young teenager decided she wanted to jump off. My friend immediately went live and asked the entire community to help pray and intercede for this young girl and her family.

How did things get so bad?

a Phone Intervention randomnestfamilyorg | Randomnestfamily

We don’t know this child’s situation. Maybe she has a hard life, maybe she is the subject of extreme bullying, maybe she needs to know that Christ loves her, even if no one else does. And just maybe, she needed intervention from a professional, or someone who has experience with her situation.

Where do the parents go from here?

Help is On The way!

Enjoy these resources that I have gathered from around the web, and from trusted resources.

Maybe you . . .

  1. Really need support in resolving your child’s behavioral problems. This is a touchy one, because you are not trying to put a label on your child, you just need help or advice.
  2. Just need help with your child recovering from abuse or bullying.
  3. Need help healing from abuse or trauma in your own life. Many times, these are the situations that can prevent you and your family from prospering.
  4. Need to address marital difficulties between you and your spouse, to save your family.
  5. Maybe your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, addictions, or other mental or emotional health issues, or maybe you are.
  6. Need or desire to help your family cope with a traumatic event: car accident, fire, severe illness, parent’s death, or loss of job.

Focus on the Family’s counseling consultation and referrals service

The first place you can look for Christian counseling is, Focus on the Family’s counseling consultation and referrals service. Here you will find help for you or your child.

You can request a free consultation with their counseling department or search their directory for Christian counselors near you.

focus on the family website image

To request a conversation with Focus on the Family’s Counseling Department, call 1-855-771-HELP (4357) weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Mountain Time), or complete their Counseling Consultation Request Form. Please be prepared to leave your contact information for a counselor to return a call to you as soon as possible. The consultation is available at no cost to you due to generous donor support and will be with one of our licensed or pastoral counseling specialists.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today, is another resource you can use, and they help you find therapist from all over the country.

You can click here, to search for a therapist. You will be able to search for therapists, psychiatrists, treatment centers, and support groups by geographical location.

They cover mental help, Personality, relationships, Personal growth, and family life.

After searching their site, I could not verify that they have any Christian relations or backgrounds. However, they do supply the help and resources needed to get better.

Psychology vs. Christianity

What does Christianity and psychology have in common? This article can help you explore this concept even more, in Psychology vs. Christianity.

More Resources

Here are a few more resources, that can also provide a virtual like counseling, all Christian!

My Counselor Online

Faithful Counseling

Cornerstone Christian Counseling

10 Best Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Faith in Recovery


Besides the professional places, you might also want to consider your church.

Churches, denominations, and related ministries offer a range of faith-based mental health support, from pastoral and peer counseling to referrals and helplines. Many times, this is the place to start, if you feel like this is a place you can trust.

I know many families might go to church but might not want to talk about their families struggles with anyone they think will judge them. We all go through things, and if your church has help, ask!

Job and Health Plan

Look into the resources that your job, or health plans can provide. These are often free, or lower in price.

Some employers offer a benefit called an employee assistance plan that includes free, short-term counseling. Ask your HR department if something like this is available to you. Check also with your trade association or union, which may provide mental health resources.

Woman Sitting on Chair While Leaning on Laptop | Randomnestfamily
Research can be draining, but WORTH it!

If you have health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare, find out what mental health services your plan covers. You can search your provider directory for mental health professionals and services covered by your insurance. If you receive medical, you can visit your counties website, and there is usually a list of resources available, and or call your social worker.

University Clinics

Many universities have students in training, and many times they will offer you free counseling sessions at no cost, for internship or experience purposes.

Find your local Christian university to see what’s available in your area. I know for sure that Biola University does this every year. You can apply to have sessions at no cost when you meet certain specifications.

Some universities with counseling-related degree programs offer low-cost mental health services via community clinics. This setting allows their students, who are trained and supervised, to practice their skills in preparation for licensing. Your family can enjoy the benefits of this.

Reach Out!

Reach out to a trusted friend, doctor, or colleague. You don’t have to provide details about your situation unless you feel comfortable doing so. Ask if there is a counselor they recommend, or someone who had your same situation. Many times, a doctor or someone in the field, can refer you to someone with the same situation that is currently dealing with the issue, or has already dealt with it and moved on.

Group of People Standing Indoors | Randomnestfamily
Find advice in a <a href=httpswwwfacebookcomgroupshomeschoolrandomnestfamily target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener title=Share grow this group with friends>homeschool community<a>

Someone in your church might be that person. Ask your child’s Sunday school teacher, if they know of any resources, or if they provide these resources themselves. Many times, you do not need to pay for an expensive source of help.  You might just need someone to lend an ear and assist you with the problem. Someone from the outside looking in, who can be honest with you.

Who Can afford counseling?

As homeschoolers, we love to be frugal. We want to be able to afford all the things needed to educate our children. Not only that, because of the current pandemic, we are even resourcing books to add to our library.

Prioritywhat | Randomnestfamily's yours?

All Counseling options range in cost from free to very expensive. So, it will depend on what you need. Additionally, providers are sensitive to the difficulty clients may have in affording their services. So usually, they will be connected to a government program. Just ask! If a therapist is out of your price range, ask if they offer discounts, sliding-scale fees, or payment plans. But never give up.

Explore alternatives:

Do a search for nonprofit organizations that help people afford therapy. You may be able to apply for financial aid or gain access to a network of low-cost counselors.

Support groups are often free or have a minimal cost. Consider 12-step groups, grief groups, and therapist-led groups. Some meet online or by phone. Many churches offer groups for teens and parents.

Decide on the help you need and start there.

We hope this Homeschool 101 article has blessed you in many ways. Feel free to email us or leave some feedback below.

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