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A Family Bible Study


Peace is a message that the world today, really needs to hear, however, we as Christians know that peace is only found in Christ.

Maybe in your own life, peace is hard to find, or maybe, your children seek peace in their lives, especially if they were affected by the pandemic.

How can I obtain peace?

Did you know?

Right now, deadly violence against helpless Nigerian Christians has reached CRITICAL CONDITION. This is all investigated and reported by the ACLJ, whom we proudly support.

Here is their report:

“Radical Islamic militias are targeting Christians for slaughter just because of their faith. Families have been horrifically murdered. Christian pastors have been beheaded. Christian teens have been abducted and forced into slavery.

When ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo was Secretary of State, he placed Nigeria on a persecution watchlist. Now we need international intervention to stop the bloodshed before it’s too late.”

Peace is not easily attainable for many Christians around the world. Our perspectives of what peace really is, must fall in line with what the Bible says it is.

For this reason, our mission is always to spread the gospel around the world, using the web and social media. We might be small, but an impact is made when you have the power of God beside you and a passion for people to come to Christ, from all over the world.

We can have peace!

Let these lessons of peace inspire you and your children. The small video series was based off our Live Inspired message “Peace Be Still,” which will show at the end of the miniseries.

The four video messages were done by our own Randomnestfamily girls, Ryah, Ronnie, Kristen and Faith.

Enjoy the fun family activities that come in the detailed lesson plans, from our curriculum!

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