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Hello Friends,

In this video, I take you around my previous classroom, I want you to feel at ease with the whole “class-setup” thing.

I show you as well as tell you how you can comfortably homeschool in any room, even with a small budget. I know, I’ve been there.

As I recounted my homeschooling experience, I realized how far the Lord has brought my family, I am truly thankful.


I am humbled as I realize that, even when we only had a small table and part of the living room, I thought that was the best schoolroom ever! No one had a better classroom than I did.

I believe that if you truly have a heart to homeschool your children, the Lord will give you want you need, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Having a homeschool space or just creating a workspace for your child to work and you to teach, can be very exciting. In those days, my kids were a bit younger and going to “homeschool school” downstairs, was fun.

Mostly, these days, we have taken to just sitting at the dining room table. The kids are a little bit older and what used to be the classroom, is now one of my daughter’s bedrooms. Nowadays, we work from a homeschool workspace. I hope this classroom tour gives you lots of inspiration and ideas you can use or transform in your own homeschool space.

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