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In this tutorial, we visit some secrets to the HSLDA, and we show you how you can benefit from the HSLDA and where you should begin!

When homeschool parents contact us, or a new homeschool parent needs to know where to start, we always direct them to the HSLDA.

We don’t want to just tell you to visit the website, you can, but you will have to search around to find everything you need. This isn’t bad in itself; research is good for homeschool parents!

You can spend hours gathering your resources, and even a year trying to plan out “how.” However, if you are new to this whole homeschool world, or never heard of the HSLDA, even if you want to know more about the mysterious of this entity, you are in the right place!

Some parents are thrown into homeschooling for various reasons, they are termed “Accidental Homeschoolers.” They can be those who suddenly found themselves in a need to homeschool, when they never expected to be doing it. They include families whose children have experienced bullying, difficulty with school personnel, medical issues, and a variety of other unanticipated situations, like the current world-wide pandemic, that doesn’t seem to be leaving.

HSLDA helps when you need it!
Not My Child!

Most of these parents do not have time to plan or research homeschool options for their kids, thus we come in!

Hopefully, we can be of some help. And after this tutorial, if you still have questions, feel free to leave us a comment or email us!

HSLDA Topics

  • WHO and WHAT they do.
  • Benefits
  • Grants
  • Real life stories
  • How to sign up
  • What’s REQUIRED and needed for your state
  • How to defend yourself
  • Help and support in the community
  • How to apply for a homeschool grant for curriculum (If they are available right now)
  • Protecting your kids from abuse
  • How to access a lawyer in a homeschool EMERGENCY

And More

They are more than just a place for legal work. I personally love their customer service, and their knowledge base on the homeschool community.

Did you know the HSLDA has a blog? You can find it here!

If you are already a member, have you seen their exclusive membership content and members rewards? Click here, but you must be logged in!

The HSLDA also has an exclusive online academy, with “Over 40 Live, Interactive Online Courses for Grades 7–12.” They also have SAT and PSAT test preps. Check it out at HSLDA Online Academy

Additionally, You Get

Access to their educational and special needs consultants, for all grade levels.

Discounts on a multitude of services and products (Note: With their membership card, which is a teacher ID, many homeschooling parents have been able to get teacher discounts at a variety of stores, including book stores, clothing stores, and computer software companies.)

Subscription to their homeschool quarterly magazine (The Court Report) and email alerts, which will keep you up to speed on important legal cases, changes in legislation, and key political, legal, and social updates in the homeschool world.

Plus, your membership helps homeschoolers all across the nation, as the HSLDA lobbies to protect homeschool freedom in state and federal legislation.


Phone 540-338-5600 / fax 540-338-2733

Home School Legal Defense Association mailing adress.
P.O. Box 3000
Purcellville, VA 20134

Visit Their website here!

HSLDA Hours: M–F 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET

See more information about the HSLDA here.

HSLDA Legal emergency?

Please call their main office during business hours. Calling after hours? Follow the emergency instructions given on their phone system’s voice mail greeting to be connected to our on-call attorney.

Other How-To’s and Helps

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