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A Focus On Your Family: Family Prayer Guide

This devotional of prayers and encouragement, is a weapon, aimed at giving you powerful family prayers to help you fight this war with your family with God at the head.

There is an attack on our family today. It’s in the news, in the street, practically everywhere we go, and it’s our job to protect our families. Because the attack is so outright and prevalent, it can make us feel as if we are already defeated before we even begin!

The family dynamic is at war with the world, as the term “family” is constantly being redefined. This war involves outside forces attempting to capture and keep the mind of our family and is influenced by satan. There is not much we can do to stop this influence alone. But with god all things are possible! (Matthew 19:23-26)

Prayer Guide

  • Each prayer is written for your family. If you desire to pray these prayers over yourself, simply change the wording to become singular, such as I and me, instead of “family, we or us.” Leave out references for the family. You can also combine any of the prayers over your family, for spiritual warfare.
  • Power scriptures are listed to help you with your Bible study, or even to give as “memory verses” to your children. They reflect the prayers written for that day. Interactive note pages and extras are located at the end of the devotional.
  • BONUS! This version comes with a separate interactive journal for Bible notes, thoughts, reflections, and scripture cards for memory verses. This journal can be used printed or interactively with any device.

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