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Spelling Award Pack: Free Printables

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Every great spelling test deserves a reward! Enjoy these beautifully crafted awards and test score keeper.

Hi parents and teachers,

It's time to reward your Spellers!

These beautifully designed spelling awards can be given after your child or student completes a spelling test.

The first award is for a student that may have missed some spelling words. It’s okay, we still love them!

The second award is for your avid spellers.

We want to reward and love all of their hard work!

Help them keep track with the beautifully created spelling test score keeper, which can be printed back to front. Printer friendly in black and white!

If you want the award to be sturdy, picture frame ready, print the award on card stock paper.

If you would like another color or variation, contact us.




1 review for Spelling Award Pack: Free Printables

  1. Georgia

    I so loved the variations and colors thank you. And thank you for also making some custom ones for my classroom. When a teacher doesn’t have time, she just doesn’t! So worth the small fee. I know it took more to create them. I also recommend making an interactive version that can be filled in via PDF. This way I do not have to print the awards, I can fill them out online and send them to my online student readers. Blessings!

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