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The Parable of The Sower Family Bible Study

All Ages, can be used in home, church, Sunday school, or classroom settings!

The parable of the sower seems like such a small parable, in the many parables Jesus gave in His life on earth.

Many people overlook its importance and chop it off to little kids as many small demonstrative lessons. While those can be fun, and can be incorporated in a Sunday school setting, we believe the parable is much more.

In fact, the entire family can benefit from this parable, as it relates to our knowing if we really are “Christians,” and if we really are “following” after Christ.

This lesson has been crafted into five parts, with you teaching one part each day, for five days.

  • Two of the lessons come with a video created by our family and featured in our Family Movie Room.
  • Each lesson will conclude with an assignment your child/teen can do, to help them understand what they have just learned. Joining them together will create a Parable of the Sower book for your students.

Dive Deeper!

Some lessons will have a “Dive Deeper,” for parents and teens, helping them get more insight into a topic, and is optional during family bible study, but great if you are using this as a Bible topic in your curriculum.

Each lesson has additional scripture, to enhance Bible study, for you the parent/teacher and family (or class) discussion questions.

Our hope, is that this lesson will help you and your family (or your Sunday school class), evaluate each part of the Parable of The Sower, as it relates to your faith. Helping you grow as a family.

Because we love family!


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