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By the third grade, kids should have an idea of what the thirteen colonies are.

And by fourth grade, state standards just want them to learn about the state that they are in.

For this reason, common core fails us yet again!

In homeschool, since your child is free to learn what ever you present, regardless the grade or age, this is the perfect time to teach the states and their capitals.

You don’t need a huge textbook to teach your children the United States of America.


So, I created this United States Study: Let’s Study the United States printables.

Studying the United States of America is a great way for children to learn about all the  50 fifty states and how they came about.

preview states study
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You can also use these to introduce the 13 Colonies, because they are states too, then your children/ students can branch off into ALL the states!

These research printables are made to be hole punched along the top margin and inserted into a three-prong binder or folder.

I have some listed below for your viewing, you can click on any of the links and purchase them directly from Amazon.

printable idea on

This is also another awesome way to use these printables! Since you need to print 50 to cover all states, I suggest to use them in the most convenient way for you!

The folder will keep all your children’s information in one place, and they can even create a state study book to reflect on in later studies!

The printable has the state research on one side and the city (or state capital) research from that state on the back.

Making them versatile, yet easy and printer friendly, you have the option of letting your child/student learn the capitals of each state, or just pick their favorite states instead. The choice is yours.

Who needs unnecessary questions and tons of paper to study the United States of America? This printable takes away unnecessary information and saves you tons of paper, one sheet per state, or one sheet per two states if you opt out of your child choosing a city within the state to research.

The grade level for this printable would be between 3rd and 7th grade. But feel free to use them any way you like with any grade!

These are just simple enough, that your students can branch off into groups, or give them a packet and let them go for it on a safe website, or YouTube Videos, or your very own resources.

I also made these because I am a homeschool mom, and our homeschool takes a brake every six to seven weeks from school, or teaching. Preventing us from burnout. So, these were just what we needed to keep our students learning, but still relaxed enough for them to feel as if they are taking a break too!

Below, I have listed just a few resources your students can use when studying the United States, and that you can incorporate into your homeschool, especially if you have even younger kids.

Younger children and students can also learn about the 50 states. Here is a download made just for them!

My State an me printable @randomnestfamily



Because some off site resources can “magically” disappear over time, I listed only a few. It is not hard to find more out there with a quick search.

Safe kid friendly websites

Kid Friendly Youtube Videos

(WARNING: If you do not have YouTube Kids or YouTube Premium, be cautious of unwanted commercials and ads!!!!! )

This one is great for older kids
Great for younger kids, and really cute!

There are plenty of great YouTube videos out there, our rule of thumb, watch everything before you sit your children or students down to watch them.

Other Inexpensive Resources

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