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Don’t feel guilty! Homeschool is challenging enough when you have multiple kids, a toddler, and maybe a student who is reluctant to learn. Yet, in all this, there is a calm in the storm. As a Christian homeschooler, I take solace in knowing that God has created me for this very purpose. In life, because life happens, many different situations can arise that might make us feel as if we can’t keep up this homeschool journey. I am here to tell you that you can! In this article, I am tackling how to homeschool when you can’t.

Linked in this article are a collection of Homeschool 101 helps to prepare you or navigate you through your current situation in your homeschooling journey. Many parents have asked about burnout. Homeschool Burnout is a REAL thing!

Many homeschooling families are headed by grandparents or other family members. They might be helping out or have taken over the task of homeschooling. Some have never even heard of homeschooling before even starting it.

I also want to encourage those families to keep going, you totally got this! However your homeschooling journey is going, be encouraged and inspired by these articles.

Facing homeschool Burnout, Reluctant Learners, and Stress

Holiday Breaks, Pregnancy and Complications, Struggling with Sickness, and Teaching Preschoolers

In Conclusion

While homeschool can have its own challenges, there is nothing that you can’t get through. For those with reluctant learners, I hope you know that homeschooling is the best IEP your child can have. Compulsory education cannot compete with the tailor-made one-on-one education of a homeschooler. If you have any more questions or concerns about homeschooling, feel free to contact us here.

Happy homeschooling!

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