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How To Start Homeschooling eBook

How To Start Homeschooling eBook is a must have for those who are beginning their homeschooling journey, its packed with resources that even the already homeschooler can use.

This eBook is a part of our homeschool beginnings series and will also contain all the documents you need to file for homeschooling your students. Packed with resources and encouragements, that even the avid homeschoolers can use.

*The documents that are included in this digital buy are:

In this eBook, you will learn how to:

  • About homeschooling.
  • How to start homeschooling.
  • How to file to homeschool and request your records if your child was previously enrolled in compulsory schooling.
  • The difference between Private School Satellite Program vs. the private school affidavit, and how to choose.
  • Where to start homeschooling.
  • Free homeschool resources.
  • How to Homeschool Practically Free.
  • How to continue homeschooling.
  • And MUCH more!
How to Start Homeschooling Ebook Image

Table of Contents for the eBook

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1 review for How To Start Homeschooling eBook

  1. Katie M.

    This was a GREAT resource for me and helped me get started homeschooling this year. This was a terrible school year for us, and I didn’t know how to start or where to start looking for resources, this is by far the best all-in-one resource where I didn’t have to site hunt for help. When there is no time, looking at a bunch of websites is out of the question. I will be saving this and sharing with a friend, thank you!

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