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How many of you know that the news media will drive you crazy with many of the twisted stories they perpetuate. They definitely do whatever keeps the paychecks rolling in. You need God’s word as a filter.

In John 17:17 Jesus said,

“Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth.”

It’s time to study God’s word, not just to gain knowledge, but to get direction for your life, to know the heart of God, to be set apart, to know the truth.

When you study the bible, you can understand that God’s word is power, and that you can have that power if you choose to use it. Your prayer life can be more powerful and you can begin to pray God’s word back to him over your life and the lives of others. Your prayers become more effective, because you can pray with, purpose, intention, and direction from God’s word.  You see either you overcome your problems or you will be overcome by your problems.

When we stand before Jesus Christ will you be anticipating embarrassment or reward.

If you are not moving forward you are falling behind, because the kingdom of God continues to advance. You have to grab hold of it!

1 John 5:4

“For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.”

There is all kinds of junk going on in this world, but you have to know who you are in Christ, you have to stand against the wicked ways of this world.

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