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“What do I need for my homeschooler?”

This question makes sense, since every year, most public-school teachers either send home a list of items for the parents to buy their students or the school supplies it.


Every homeschooler needs items that will last!

We have seen so many new homeschoolers loading baskets and carts of items out of the store, in fact, while shopping at Dollar tree, two ladies were attempting to buy a whole rack of school supplies!

At first glance, I knew most of the items would break, and others they were most likely not going to use.

Today, we are sharing homeschool must haves, that every homeschooler needs in their home to have a successful year.

How to Shop for school | Homeschool MUST Haves

We recently did our homeschool shopping for the year and laid it all out for you. These are things that in our experience, a homeschooler cannot go without.

In this video, we talked about using notebooks.

Here is our list of Must haves, combined with other necessities we purchased this year.

From Our Shop to Your Homeschool:

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