It is now summer, and as I looked around, I realized that my girls and I can not make our weekly trips to the library anymore.

Technically, we can go to the library. Ours is open now. But do I want to risk it, no.

When you homeschool on a budget, like our family, you depend on those free resources.

I thank God that over the years, many people have generously donated to support our homeschool. Because of this, it’s our passion to support others. We love the feel of trading materials that others can use for theirs, and giving away things that we no longer need, but another homeschool family can benefit from.

As I looked around my library, I realized that it’s time to buy some new “good” reads. I love when my girls get to explore a variety of books. I love to see them sprawled out on the couch, upside down reading, or laying lazily on our porch swings, arms draped down, feet hanging to the side, reading.

It makes me so happy to know that we have sparked this delight in them.

Ever since they were tots, we read to them. They loved hearing us read and act everything out. I always changed my voice to suit the character. Fitting for me since I am a very animated momma!

I am looking for a Christian book selection, and more black authors. My daughters love to dive into books with characters they can relate too, that they can feel connected with. I have yet to find a list, this momma is on the hunt!

But as for now, I came across this list while visiting my favorite blog (besides mine 🙂

The title is called, “16 Spring-Themed Books to Delight Your Little Ones — Homeschooling Now.”

As I read through this list, I thought, hey, these books are also perfect for the summer! Hence my title.

This list looks promising, and the prices for these books are not all that bad. So if you are budgeters like us, check out this list.

I love some of these so much! Here are a few of my choices plus some:

Let me know which ones you liked, and would purchase for your kiddos!

16 Spring-Themed Books to Delight Your Little Ones — Homeschooling Now

Although the world has shut down, spring has been blooming right along schedule, and we are filling our heads with stories about gardens, seeds, and ducklings. To welcome each new season, I purchase one book to add to our collection and find the rest from our library, which makes it a much more economical way […]

16 Spring-Themed Books to Delight Your Little Ones — Homeschooling Now

I hope you guys have enjoyed this homeschool blog. God bless you.

We Love you,


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