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It is absolutely hard to find a title suitable for a YouTube video.

For our website, it’s pretty easy, because we use our KeyWords everywhere along with our SEO tools.

But for YouTube, your titles are constantly changing to stay in the flow with an constantly changing trend. If you don’t, your content will be hard to find, therefore, unwatched. And our purpose is to inspire as many families as possible!

So, I found this title to be particularly hard, but the words were the most searched in Youtube, taking what I had, I have pieced together a title that would make sense to my viewers.

Chicken recipes are our absolute favorite, and I will be adding some brand new recipes to our website menu.

I will also make it easier for you to search our recipes.

In today’s vlog, I gave you guys a bit of a life update, as we had been absent for two weeks from YouTube.

Then we get into the kitchen and create two all new chicken dishes, plus I show you how to take your frozen meal preps and create two awesome new dinners from them.

I can never leave the kitchen without making dessert!

Join me and my girls as we bake up some easy with you.

If you would like the printables mentioned in this video, see the preview below!

Download here.

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