Category: Today’s Devotion

God Knows My Heart

If you do good you receive God’s blessings – if you’re in Christ.

The Quality of Our Faith

The true test of our faith, is when trouble comes…

Faithful Marriage Advances Kingdom of God

Faithful marriage advances the kingdom of God!

Current Events

Bad news vs. Good news

Today’s Devotion

Even during an attack, He is a Way Maker!

Today’s Devotion

Restoration needs forgiveness.

Today’s Devotion

It’s not alive until it dies!

“If you Don’t Have Anything Good to Say…”

“For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” – Jesus Christ

What Are You Eating?

What are you eating?


“Trouble Don’t Last Always”

Don’t be so easily shaken by the current events of today!


Today’s Devotion

If I die, Let Me Die!


Today’s Devotion

Unsure about the future?

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