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We have been waiting on this for a long time!

Kids and teens recording Bible devotionals

It is now Kids and Teens Devotional week on

If your child has a devotion you would like to share with us, send us the link and we will host it on for all of our Family Bible Study friends, and Facebook Page and Kids Bible Study Group.

Jump to the devotions!

Email us your devotional here:

kids and teens devotionals

Missed the Kids and Teens Devotional Week? No problem, we love kids and are always hosting their devotionals as long as the link exist. Share your devotional today!

Grab Your Family!

Its time to jump into some really cool Kids and Teens Devotionals.

Use these devotionals as Biblical topics of interest, to discuss with your kids and family. If your Child(ren), are inspired to record their own, let them! We would love to see and hear what they have to say

(*Tips: YouTube has a free editor, Vimeo can be kept private for this site only)!

Remember to prepare for Bible study, just as we refer to here.

Kids and Teens Devotionals

(Send them in and keep them coming!)

Other Devotional Links and Videos

For more visit Home Page for Lord of the Family
A full lesson with questions with in the video! Super cute.
Fun Video with assignments!
Very good devotional to discuss with kids and teens! Luke 11:28

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