The Open Door | Part 2

Let us not miss this opportunity!


Overcoming troubles in bad times.


Truth, The Shield

Truth backs up faith!


“A God We Can Trust”

Who can you trust nowadays: media, politicians, co-workers, Dr. Fauci?

The Open Door | Part 1

This first “open door”, will soon be shut, then it will be too late!

40 Day Bible Challenge

Are You ready for the Challenge?

Right Now!

When anxiety is self inflicted.


Gone Astray

Can a nation reject God and survive, or will it fall?

The Testimony of A Blind Beggar | Part 2

Our faith is confirmed by what we do with it!


Not Worthy

I feel so empty inside!


“Strength For The Lonely”

You don’t have to do life all by yourself!

“The Testimony of A Blind Beggar”

A powerful testimony from the most unlikely messenger.

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