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When you least expect it
When you least expect it

Expect the unexpected

And the child grew. Now it happened one day that he went out to his father, to the reapers. 19 And he said to his father, “My head, my head!”

So he said to a servant, “Carry him to his mother.” 20 When he had taken him and brought him to his mother, he sat on her knees till noon, and then died. 21 And she went up and laid him on the bed of the man of God, shut the door upon him, and went out. 22 Then she called to her husband, and said, “Please send me one of the young men and one of the donkeys, that I may run to the man of God and come back.”

23 So he said, “Why are you going to him today? It is neither the New Moon nor the Sabbath.”

And she said, “It is well.” 24 Then she saddled a donkey, and said to her servant, “Drive, and go forward; do not slacken the pace for me unless I tell you.” 25 And so she departed, and went to the man of God at Mount Carmel.

2 Kings 4:18-24

The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away?

Have you ever experienced a tremendous blessing from God, not just financial, but you could testify, that God had outdone Himself? Then, all of a sudden you were hit with an onslaught of trials, that seem to overshadow the blessing.

The woman in this biblical account had received the fruit of her generosity. The prophet Elisha told her, ““About this time next year you shall embrace a son.” God blessed her with a miracle child of her own, but not long after, she would embrace her son’s dead body.

This Shunamite woman could’ve said, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away,” buried her son and accepted the blows of life, but she demonstrated incredible faith and she laid her dead son on the prophet Elisha’s bed and went to go find him. Her husband asked her, “Where are you going?” She said, “It is well! I’m coming back with the prophet!”

God has a plan, even when you can’t see it

A storm can come when you least expect it, and these are the troubles that can sometimes makes us question, “Jesus, what are you doing?” But look at the faith of this woman, she went to go find the man of God. She also told Elijah, “It is well,” and brought him all the way back to her house where the son she received, became a tragedy, rather than a testimony.

She told the prophet Elisha, “The son you blessed me with, is dead on the bed I blessed you with.” She must have had all kinds of emotions, but because of her persistent faith, the prophet Elisha, by the power of God, brought her son back to life.

When our lives are turned upside down, we can sometimes forget about the one who is able to turn it around. Instead of us trying so hard to find alternative solutions, we should be trying to find Jesus.

He is in control. He is our provider, our healer, our defender, our deliverer, and our miracle worker. Sometimes things happen in our lives when we least expect it, but God sees it coming and He’s not surprised, but can you say, “It is well?”

God Brings Back The Dead Things

32 When Elisha came into the house, there was the child, lying dead on his bed. 33 He went in therefore, shut the door behind the two of them, and prayed to the Lord. 34 And he went up and lay on the child, and put his mouth on his mouth, his eyes on his eyes, and his hands on his hands; and he stretched himself out on the child, and the flesh of the child became warm. 35 He returned and walked back and forth in the house, and again went up and stretched himself out on him; then the child sneezed seven times, and the child opened his eyes. 36 And he called Gehazi and said, “Call this Shunammite woman.” So he called her. And when she came in to him, he said, “Pick up your son.” 37 So she went in, fell at his feet, and bowed to the ground; then she picked up her son and went out.

2 Kings 4:32-37

Faith isn’t faith unless it is tested. Will you pass the test, by believing that God is good even when things look bad? Is God faithful in the hills and the valleys?

The Shunamite woman appreciated the gift of her son even more, when she received him back from the dead and truly understood that God had unlimited power.

When God blesses you fall at His feet. When you wake up in the morning fall at His feet. When things in life don’t go as expected, fall at His feet. Why? Because, no matter what, “It is well!”

Salvation Plan

Today, if you have not received Salvation or you would like to rededicate your life back to Christ, say this prayer:

God, I know that I am a sinner. Right now, Lord, I turn from my sins, and I ask you to forgive me. Jesus, I believe that you died on the cross and rose from the grave, for me. I open my heart and life for You to come in, and I receive You as my Lord and Savior. Thank You, God for saving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Read the Book of John in the Bible. Find out who Christ is, and how He loves you, yes you!

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