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Are you new to homeschooling? Or do you just need to change the atmosphere of learning? In this article, grasp ideas on how to set up your homeschool or refresh it.

Homeschool Can Take Place Anywhere

Homeschool can take place anywhere, and I mean just about anywhere. I have loaded the kids in the car to do errands and brought along a backpack with their core subjects in them. Sometimes we take homeschool classes to the park. Understanding how your student learns will play a major part in how you set up your classroom or learning space.

The point is to set up a dedicated place where you can effectively have homeschool, especially in the early years. Children between the grade levels of preschool to sixth grade (and these levels are not relative as many students can and will learn at various levels), will benefit from a set place that’s familiar to them. They will be able to focus and complete assignments.

homeschooling at the park | How to set up your homeschool classroom
Homeschool at the park!

This is because they establish that as a place where learning takes place, they might get excited about going into that area because of the next project or school assignment. This worked well for my students and linked here is the article that talks about setting up a classroom.

Getting your homeschool ready for a preschooler or kindergartner

Find What’s Comfortable vs. What Looks Good

As the homeschooling parent and teacher, you must find what’s comfortable vs. what looks good for your classroom. I’ve seen many setups that made the parent uncomfortable, but the look was really pretty. If you are trying to bring public school home, that will never fully work. You can have a “beautiful” classroom or space without compromising on comfortability. Your classes or school day will flow better, and you will be able to fully function without restriction. Your entire dining room can’t be a fully functioning public school room when the daily meals are still served there, and you actually need to use that space for more than one purpose.

Dad homeschooling son | How to set up your homeschool classroom
photo of woman playing with her children | How to set up your homeschool classroom
Homeschool siblings image
A dad playing with his kids at

See Why Homeschooling Will ALWAYS Be Better Than Public & Private Schools

Be Flexible

Be flexible. Understand that as your children grow a classroom or school room might not be necessary anymore. Be willing to try different areas in your home, or if you can no longer have homeschool at home, the library is an amazing place! There are even rooms you can borrow within a library for study. Perfect if you need a quiet place to teach or work with your kids while things are going on at home.

Homeschool is all about flexibility. The freedom homeschool gives makes endless possibilities when setting up your classroom or homeschool area.

When flexibility is key, your homeschool is on your TERMS!

Parents read to child during homeschooliong. | How to set up your homeschool classroom
Homeschool starts YOUNG!

Are You Considering Homeschool?

Are you considering homeschooling? If you haven’t starting homeschooling yet, but are on the brinks, go for it! The article below will guide you into the necessary steps to start your homeschool whether you are coming from public or private school.

Get started quickly and easily!

To find all of our homeschool resources visit our Homeschool 101 Page. Happy homeschooling!

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